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Tracking the source of disturbance was easy. By simply following the lights, we were led north to an immense lumber camp.
― Sly Cooper[src]

The lumber camp (also called a logging camp on occasion) is a location in Sly 2: Band of Thieves, appearing in "Menace from the North, eh!". It is a logging facility located in northern Canada. It serves as a residence for Jean Bison and his base of operations. It is also the location of his yearly Lumberjack Games. There, Bison primarily used the Clockwerk talons to assist him in his goal of "taming the wild north." Additionally, he used the lumber camp to collect energy from the northern lights to send to his associate Arpeggio.


Sometime after the gang robbed Bison's iron horse trains, Sly Cooper noticed irregularities with the northern lights; one night, they would be visible and would vanish the next night. He and the gang were led to the lumber by following the lights. The state of the environment immediately gave away Bison's presence there.[1]

The gang had two objectives: steal the Clockwerk talons and then sneak aboard Arpeggio's blimp. Through some reconnaissance around the lumber camp, they discovered that Bison was posting the talons away as the prize for winning the annual Lumberjack Games.[2] However, after reading the log chopping guide, the team decided they would have to cheat in order to win. Through a series of jobs, they acquired an eagle's egg which would aid them in winning the competition.[3] Meanwhile, they located the northern light battery and drained it so that they could hide inside it when Arpeggio arrived on his blimp to pick it up.[4]

During the final event of the Lumberjack Games, Bison caught the Cooper Gang cheating. He knocked them out and locked them up in the sawmill. When he returned from raiding the gang's hideout, he battled Bentley, but was defeated. The Cooper Gang managed to hide inside the northern light battery just as Arpeggio arrived at the lumber camp to pick it up.[5]



The lumber camp was surrounded by mountains. A river flowed down from the mountains and through the camp. Due to Bison's presence, the lumber camp was sparsely populated with trees. Being far up north, snow covered the entire camp. Notably, an elephant-like creature was frozen there. The sawmill was the largest building in the lumber camp, though there were several smaller cabins located throughout the area, one of which served as the Cooper Gang's hideout.

Bear cave[]

The bear cave was home to six bears. Bison tagged each one with Radio Transmitter, but the transmitters were later stolen by Sly and used against Bison.[6]

Jean Bison's house[]

Described by Bentley as "the lair of the beast, the dead of evil, the epicenter of ecological destruction".[2] During a job, Sly places a stolen radio transmitter on the roof of Bison's house to listen in on his conversations.[6]


The lighthouse was separated from the rest of the lumber camp by water. Inside was a giant battery charger which gathered energy from the northern lights.[2]

RC combat club[]

The club's members were made up of Bison's moose guards. They participated in RC combat during off-duty. Murray disguised himself as a guard and battled with another guard's RC drone in order to obtain the location of the northern light battery.[7]


The sawmill was an old building in the lumber camp. Inside, there were giant saws, ground furnaces, and machinery for picking up and dropping logs. All of this could be controlled from a small room on a higher level.[5]

Northern Lights Battery[]

A large battery hidden inside a regular silo. Used by Jean Bison to store energy gathered from the northern lights.