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Enjoy the moment while yah think you've still got a chance... it's as close to winning as you'll ever get!
Jean Bison

The Lumberjack Games were a yearly competition held by Jean Bison in Canada. Bison himself was the undisputed champion of the games, having won them every year. After the Cooper Gang defeated him the competition was put on hiatus indefinitely.


The Lumberjack Games, as their name suggests, are a competition for lumberjacks held by Jean Bison at his lumber camp. The contest consists of 3 parts: power log chopping, ice wall climbing and log rolling.

During the events of Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Bison was having trouble attracting more competition for the games, and so decided to put the Clockwerk talons up as a trophy. The Cooper Gang, who were on a quest to steal the Clockwerk parts, took part in the competition in an attempt to get the talons.

During "Operation: Canada Games," the gang participated in the Lumberjack Games. Knowing that it was hard to defeat Bison due to the fear he instilled on the judges of the competition, they planned on sabotaging his performances to such a degree that the verdict would have to be negative. Murray took part in power log chopping and received a perfect score. On Bison's turn, Bentley placed an eagle egg (collected by Sly Cooper before the games) in his trousers causing an eagle attack. Sly participated in the ice wall climb and likewise performed perfectly, while Murray pulled down Bison with grappling hooks on his attempt. Finally, Bentley represented the gang in log rolling and received a third score of all 10s.

However, since Bison still had the judges intimidated to such a degree that they would not give him a score under 10 despite the Cooper Gang's sabotage, the gang beat up and replaced the judges during Bison's turn on log rolling in order to give him a score of all 0s. Unfortunately, Bison saw through their disguises. He decided to let them win the competition, but they were unable to collect the Clockwerk talons, as Bison threw his staff at them, and the talons subsequently knocked the gang out cold before Bison imprisoned them in the sawmill's control center.