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The Master Thief Sprint hourglass

Master Thief Sprints are time trial challenges in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus that task the player with completing a level in a certain amount of time or less.

Since there are no vaults in "The Cold Heart of Hate," there are no Master Thief Sprints. However, developer commentaries were recorded for these levels (and all other levels without sprints) and can be found on the PlayStation 2 disc.


Once the vault in a level is opened and the page of the Thievius Raccoonus is obtained, an hourglass will appear at the beginning of the level when returned to. When touched, a timer will appear with the specified amount of time the level must be sprinted through before it runs out. If the sprint is not completed in the amount of time, it can be restarted or the level can be exited.

When completed successfully, the player can once again return to the level to hear the bonus Designer's Commentary. If all the Master Thief Sprints are completed, then the player unlocks the "Making of Sly Cooper" and "Commercials and Outtakes" movies.

In the disc version of The Sly Collection, the commentaries have been removed, though the sprints are still available to do. However, in the digital version, the commentaries are available.

If Sly has Lucky Charm with him (either standard or gold) when the Master Thief Sprints starts, the Lucky Charm will disappear instantly, but can obtain a Lucky Charm if Sly collect 100 coins during the challenge.


The Master Thief Sprints are easier to complete if you have the Electrified Roll move. Rolling over any straight or downhill smooth surface is faster than running. It should definitely be noted that tripping any security systems will speed up the countdown.

Tide of Terror[]

  • "A Stealthy Approach" - When you reach the locked gate at the beginning of the level, use the yellow rope to climb the hill, and skip the lights.
  • "Into the Machine" - Try covering more distance when jumping. When you get to the laser jump area, stay on the ground.
  • "High Class Heist" - At the lights that shine partially on the water and partially on the wall, jump around them. This is easier with the Slow Motion Jump power-up.
  • "The Fire Down Below" - When you reach the first barrel, jump on the gray tip and then jump on the gears. Next, at the conveyor belt, jump from the first corner to the top one. The glass blocking the conveyor belt at the end of the level can be destroyed with the Mine power-up, which can also be pretty useful.
  • "A Cunning Disguise" - Enter the level with 99 coins and collect one more coin after starting the sprint to give yourself a Lucky Charm. Use the barrel until you get to the part with the ladder. Jump up to the lanterns and make your way to the end like normal, jumping over the booby-trapped floor. You will get hit, but the Lucky Charm will prevent you from dying. Then just finish the level from there.
  • "The Gunboat Graveyard" - Skip some of the platforms when you get to the part with the lake and the floating boat pieces at the beginning. Try to jump around the lights on the airborne plane. Jump to the platform underneath the wire at the end. When you climb the ropes and land in the crow's nest, try to jump to the left over the flaming wooden pillars. If you land on one of them just right, you'll be pushed over it and land on the debris on the other side, giving you a straight shot to the end of the level.

Sunset Snake Eyes[]

  • "A Rocky Start" - There are not any shortcuts through this level, but it's quite helpful to make use of Sly's Raccoon Roll, or better yet, the electrified version, to help get through this level in time. Make sure you don't trip any security systems!
  • "Boneyard Casino" - When you get to the spinners with the electric fence, use the Slow Motion Jump to jump over them.
  • "Two to Tango" - Use jumps to skip some parts of the whole level in general. Instead of running around the flashlight guard to kill him and jump on the mattress, jump on the mattress quickly. He won't be able to shoot you fast enough before you're on the chandelier.
  • "Back Alley Heist" - Use jumps to skip some parts of the whole level in general.
  • "Straight to the Top" - Use jumps to skip some parts of the whole level in general. After you climb the neon tube to tip over the antenna, climb the neon tubes on the second up arrow. Climb the point of the arrow and jump and press circle to reach the ladder to the left. This allows you to skip the bottom level of that section.

Vicious Voodoo[]

  • "The Dread Swamp Path" - When you get to the island with the mosquitoes, use the Slow Motion Jump to jump onto the platform next to it.
  • "The Lair of the Beast" - Use jumps to skip some parts of the whole level in general. After you pass the gate at the beginning of the level, jump forwards off of the platform and press circle to land on the branch at the end of the slide. When the Beast chases you, you will climb up to a spiral and slide down it. To save a few seconds, jump ahead of the spiral and press circle to land on the next branch.
  • "A Grave Undertaking" - When you get to the platform with the fire-spitting snake statues, jump from the second lava tip to the floor. Then at the top, jump around one of the big statues to a rope.
  • "Descent Into Danger" - Use jumps to skip some parts of the whole level in general. If you hit the timer just as the first flashlight guard is about to turn around, the timing should work out, as you can jump from the first bone rope to the second without having to wait for him. Also, the second should lift his light up just as you pass under him.

Fire in the Sky[]

  • "A Perilous Ascent" - At the icicle area, use the Slow Motion Jump to jump past all of them easier. Try to go into the level with enough coins so you can earn a Lucky Horseshoe during the sprint. When you get near the end of the level, where you have to sneak along the wall and hide underneath the awnings, use your horseshoe by letting the second guard catch you. You should be placed before the third guard just as he moves his light out of the way.
  • "Flaming Temple of Flame" - Use jumps to skip some parts of the whole level in general. When sneaking around the wall before you enter the room with the nunchuck guards, you can hit the spotlight and quickly smash the alarm right around the corner.
  • "The Unseen Foe" - Use jumps to skip some parts of the whole level in general.
  • "Duel by the Dragon" - Use jumps to skip some parts of the whole level in general.