Sir Galleth: As I told you Bentley, a loathsome creature does indeed guard the castle!
Bentley: Well, if that's true, advanced geological theory indicates the only place this "Moat Monster" could hide is inside that cavern.
Sir Galleth: Forsooth! Perhaps also because it is the only cavern in the area?
― Discussing the Moat Monster's existence[src]

"Mechanical Menace" was a job for Sir Galleth Cooper and Carmelita Fox in "Of Mice and Mechs" of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Description[edit | edit source]

Sir Galleth investigates rumors of a Moat Monster in a nearby cave.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Galleth told Bentley of the Moat Monster, a vicious beast residing in the area. Bentley was skeptical of its existence, so Galleth ventured into the nearby cavern to slay the monster and quell Bentley's disbelief.

Sly was resting on a bridge as Galleth entered the cavern. Carmelita showed up, and told Sly that she was keeping a watch on Galleth, leading Sly out of jealousy to say that he did not recall her ever doing that to him. Carmelita admitted that despite Galleth's stubbornness and goofiness, she found him to be a charming gentleman. She then entered the cavern to pursue Galleth.

Inside the Moat Monster's lair, Galleth walked down a long tunnel. Upon emerging he faced a massive artificial structure. Galleth used his Catapult Crash technique to scale the structure, avoiding all the hazards along the way. At the top, he saw what the Moat Monster really was—a huge robotic dragon. Robot or not, Galleth was determined to defeat the monster.

He made his way to the rear of the dragon and disconnected the cord that was apparently powering it. However, the cord was not used to power the Moat Monster; it was used to charge it, and when Galleth disconnected the cord, the beast awoken. The three-headed dragon angrily looked at Galleth before swallowing him whole. Carmelita reached the top of the structure and saw Galleth just as he was eaten. She attacked the Moat Monster, and after destroying all six of its eyes, brought it down. Galleth was expelled from the creature's body and thanked Carmelita for saving him.

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