Those talons have got to go, both to finally do away with Clockwerk and to save the environment from his twisted sense of progress.
― Sly, on the Clockwerk talons and Jean Bison[src]

"Menace from the North, eh!" (alternatively "Menace in the North, Eh?"[note 1]) is the seventh episode of Sly 2: Band of Thieves, and the main antagonist is, Jean Bison himself.


The SetupEdit

Sly notices that things are not right in Canada. Random acts of violence were popping up like weeds and the Northern Lights weren't right. One night, the Northern Lights were brighter than ever and the next night, they're gone. Back in Nunavut Bay, Sly heard Bison talking to his mysterious partner Arpeggio and assumes they're behind everything. The gang tracks him down to an abandoned lumber camp and discover that he is in possession of the Clockwerk talons, which he is using to cut down a vast amount of trees. Bison has decided to offer the talons as a trophy for his annual Lumberjack Games in order to attract more competition.

The gang plan to win the talons from Bison and then stow away onto Arpeggio's blimp in order to have a shot at stealing the Clockwerk brain from Arpeggio.


Job name Completed by
"Recon the Sawmill" Sly Cooper
Take snapshots of the sawmill to get an idea of what's going on.
"Bearcave Bugging" Sly
Steal the Radio Transmitter from the bears without waking them up.
"RC Combat Club" Sly, Murray
An RC Combat Club meeting is underway. Murray must pose as a moose and win the competition in order to gain the location of the Northern Light battery.
"Laser Redirection" Sly
Sly must redirect a laser from inside a building to the outside, and redirect it to a frozen block of ice containing a log chopping guide.
"Lighthouse Break-In" Sly
The gang has to overload the Northern Lights collector so the power to the silo battery is cut.
"Old Grizzle Face" Murray
Use Old Grizzle Face toe destroy the oil mains so that Sly can implement part two of Bentley's plan.
"Boat Hack" Bentley
Sly and Murray must aid Bentley in draining the Northern Light battery.
"Thermal Ride" Sly
An eagle egg has given Bentley a strategy to use against Bison. Paraglide to the egg and steal it, but mind the fire and eagles.
"Operation: Canada Games" Bentley, Murray, Sly
The Cooper Gang meets up with Jean Bison to enter the Lumberjack Games with the intent of winning the Clockwerk Talons. Sly must keep a low profile to keep Bison from recognizing him.
"Brains Over Brawn" Bentley
Use the sawmill controls to defeat Jean Bison!

The GetawayEdit

After shutting themselves inside the Northern Light battery, the gang sat in pitch-black darkness for a few long minutes. No one talked for fear that Bison's men might discover where they were hiding. Time seemed to have stopped; then they felt it. They were being lifted up to Arpeggio's blimp.

The gang's mood was somber. All of their hard earned Clockwerk parts were gone. Looking around, Sly knew that they had failed. He was all twitchy and ready for action, any action. Bentley tried to make sense of the situation by drawing up meaningless plans, while Murray took it the worst when he saw the Cooper Van float over the horizon on a block of ice. That van was his life. Sly knew he had to find a way to make it up to him.



In this episode, the safe is in the smaller sawmill and the combination is 5-8-3. Upon opening it, the Lightning Spin move is received.


  • On the title screen, following Bison's shadow downwards, Bison himself can be seen in the distance. This makes him the second Klaww Gang member to appear on a title screen, the first being Rajan.
    • Bison also becomes the fourth villain to appear on a title screen. Before him and Rajan, this was done by the Panda King and Clockwerk.
    • Bison appears to be brown on the title screen, and this could possibly be due to the fact that the Northern Lights are shining orange and yellow on there.
  • There is a well-known glitch in this level, which makes the player to replay the episode from the job, "Laser Redirection." It occurs when the player enters the mill, which was the starting point of "Laser Redirection," after completing said mission. This has been fixed in The Sly Collection.
  • This is the second episode where a Clockwerk part isn't collected by the Cooper Gang during gameplay, the first being "Jailbreak."
    • While Jean Bison gave the Cooper Gang the talons, they were attached to his staff, which impaled them given their combined power. Therefore, there is no collection screen shown. On top of that, Bison eventually sold the talons (along with the other Clockwerk parts) to Arpeggio.
  • Dimitri Lousteau and Rajan's defeat is referenced by Bison in one of his conversations heard at the safe house.
  • It is implied that Arpeggio's blimp has picked up several Northern Light batteries before as Bentley mentions in his first slideshow that his blimp is coming to pick up another battery. Bison also says in one of his conversations that Arpeggio is always lowering his blimp over him.
  • The Cooper Van is notably parked much further away from the safe house than in other episodes, being located in a small cave within a rock formation to the right of the safe house on a large ice sheet. This could hint the van later floating away.


  1. The title card states the former; the episode select menu states the latter.
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