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Mesa City is a location in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. It is located in the state of Utah, once serving as the residence of former Fiendish Five member Muggshot, prior to his arrest.[1] It was the main setting of "Sunset Snake Eyes."



The Cooper Gang driving to Mesa City

Mesa City was the second location the Cooper Gang visited in the first game. It was once a bustling American boomtown located in the Utah desert. As stated by Sly Cooper, it was a town he always wanted to visit.[2] When the gang arrived, they found the city deserted. They soon discovered that Muggshot scared the citizens off, allowing him and his gang to populate the town with casinos and hotels, initially making it their own turf. The city was restored to normal once Muggshot was defeated by Sly and arrested by Carmelita Fox.[3]

It was here that Murray experienced his first time out in the field with Sly. He had two jobs here, which was winning a race,[4] and just making a run for a treasure key, while taking cover from Sly.[5]

During the mission "Two to Tango," Sly ran into Carmelita as he was traversing the rooftops. Sly had to cross several of the rooftops while being chased by her.



Mesa City overview

Mesa City is mostly noticeable by its desert-like terrain. Off the steep, rigid cliffs, the desert expanse continues, and a narrow river is visible. The buildings and roads have fallen into disrepair, and the bridges are mostly broken, with subway cars placed over them.

Boneyard Casino[]

Boneyard Casino

The Boneyard Casino was one area Sly had to venture through to find a treasure key. It is a largely flooded casino, which despite that, still appears to be in good shape. This place was guarded only by Doberman pinscher guards. Throughout the entire place, one would see several slot machines. The smaller ones are indestructible, while the larger ones can be destroyed for a large sum of coins. There are also several gambling tables, each containing stacks of chips, which are also breakable. As far as security, one would encounter several floor lasers, which are also placed on certain slots on a few spinning roulette wheels.

Dog track[]

Murray driving past the hot dog stand

Located west of the casino is a short route surrounding a hot dog stand. There was where the mission "At the Dog Track" took place. The race route features several tight corners and short jumps. About half of the race track is on a regular road, while the rest is on dirt. During a race, several nitro-boosts are placed throughout, allowing the driver to gain a speed boost. The hot dog stand was where Murray was originally visiting, to get a quick snack, prior to the race. Along the race track, one can see a Sucker Punch Productions poster, plus a poster of the Panda King.

Muggshot's penthouse[]

Bottom floor of Muggshot's penthouse

Muggshot's penthouse is located within his massive casino. It can be accessed through an elevator hidden within a giant Muggshot head. On the inside are three floors, serving as the setup for the boss battle "Last Call." There are also high degrees of sunlight emitting from the windows.

During the boss battle, several rows of crystals appear on the first two levels, along with mirrors Sly had to use to redirect the sunlight towards them, as a method for defeating Muggshot. At the very top is a large chandelier structure on which the bulldog was defeated. In the center below the central platform is a giant crystal. Surrounding the top portion of the central platform are several mirrors, which when redirected towards the crystal, would heat it.


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