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  • Bribridude, I have asked you multiple times regarding real-world information, and the main purpose for this is to not have edit wars over location pages. With that said, Teenbat and I have been reverting your edits based on what we've said here. After seeing you reverting Teenbat's reversion on the Haiti page, I have no choice but to give you this last warning. If you decide to keep up with this behavior and refuse to compromise with the solutions given to you, I don't have any choice but to give you a block. Thank you.

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    • How about we will just leave the Haiti page on how i've edited it (my version). End of Story.

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  • Do not revert my edits! @teenbat @shrev64

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  • Bribridude, I would appreciate it if you read my edit summary regarding why I reverted your edits on the Haiti page, before you revert my edits (that too, without providing a reason). My reason for reverting your edits is as follows:

    the real-world info has nothing to do with the game. Go on other wikis, such as Uncharted or inFamous, other game wikis that have real-world locations - they have only what pertains to that game and nothing else

    There is honestly no need for real-world information if none of it pertains to the Sly Cooper series. If you wanted to talk about real-world history, you could talk about not only slavery, but about the hurricanes and earthquakes that ravage the place. The problem is none of these items have any presence in the Sly Cooper series, let alone that particular episode.

    I would not like to have an edit war about this page and other locations that are present in the SC series, and I would like to hear your side of the coin before anything else happens to the locations pages. Thank you.

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    Tenbeat closed this thread because:
    Shrev said the conversation was over (unlock this if necessary)
    03:12, October 10, 2014
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    • No real-world information, period. Assassin's Creed and GTA have their own deals, but here, in the fictional world of Sly Cooper, we reference only what's shown to us in the game, not irrelevant background details, regardless whether they're real-world or not, because they don't pertain to the series in any way. This debate ends here.

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    • I have a strong view about Real World-information (especially as part of making this Wikia one of the best).

      Now, I'll have give you a full school-style essay on why should this wiki have real world information!

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