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Outstanding! You've uncovered Rob McCooper's patented Explosive Hat technique! Use TriangleButton to toss your hat, then use TriangleButton again to detonate it. Better back off to a safe distance first!
― Bentley[src]

The Explosive Hat Technique, called Mine in-game, is an attainable power-up within Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, which was perfected by one of Sly Cooper's ancestors, Rob McCooper. It is the sixth move obtained from a vault.


Equipping the mine and pressing TriangleButton will cause Sly to take off his hat and throw it on the ground, then pull a new hat from his backpack and place it on his head. Pressing TriangleButton again will cause Sly to tap the end of his cane on the ground, making the hat explode, damaging anyone in the explosion radius. The radius is large enough that Sly must move back from the hat after it is laid, or he will be damaged by it.


  • While this power-up has not made any reappearance within the series, the concept of remote detonation would be reused for Bentley's Trigger Bomb power-up in later games.
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