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Bentley: It's a semi-magical device that sucks up bad mojo. I'll need it to gather the run off from these spouts.
Murray: Wow, sounds easy.
Bentley: Not really... bad mojo is a powerfully dark force. Take any damage while carrying that collector and you're done for.
Murray: Wow, sounds hard.
― Discussing the Mojo collector[src]

"Mojo Trap Action" was a job for Bentley in "A Tangled Web" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Bentley ventures into a crypt and stumbles upon a bad mojo collector, which is a semi-magical device that absorbs bad mojo. He needs to use this to gather mojo that runs off from the spouts on the ceiling. If he gathers a full tank of bad mojo, it should be enough to destroy the mind shuffler. Murray, who is on the line, finds it quite simple, but Bentley disagrees, saying that it can be quite dangerous, as bad mojo is powerfully dark force. If Bentley takes one hit while carrying the collector, not only will it be ruined, but Bentley would be done for. Hearing this, Murray now agrees that it's not so simple after all.

There are four crypts Bentley needs to access in order to gather bad mojo. There are traps in each one that he must use against the guards that attack him. After collecting enough bad mojo, Bentley will now be able to destroy the Mind Shuffler.


  • The wolves that Bentley slaughters will not drop any coins; instead, they drop health at a higher rate.
  • An unused audio file has Murray ask Bentley "What's a bad mofo collector". It was changed to "Huh" to prevent scrutiny with the ESRB.[citation needed]