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Neyla: Now, legally I can't enter Dimitri's nightclub without a warrant... but I happen to have obtained a key to his back door... which a person like yourself can use however he pleases.
Sly: Oh, we are absolutely going to work well together.
― Neyla and Sly at the end of the mission[src]

"Moonlight Rendezvous" was a job for Sly Cooper in "The Black Chateau" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Neyla offered the gang her help by leading Sly around town, as she had something to show him.


Sly met up with Neyla near one of Bentley's hacked satellites and asked why she was following him around. She explained that she led him there, revealing that the slip of the tongue she gave in Cairo was an intentional clue. Neyla claimed that she was not as black-and-white as Inspector Fox, that she knew what a menace the Clockwerk parts were, and that she would need Sly's help to get them away from the Klaww Gang, but only if he could keep up with her... literally.

Neyla standing in front of their destination

Neyla led Sly all around town to the back door of Dimitri's nightclub. Once there, Neyla commended Sly on his ability to keep up and believed the two of them could work well together. Shortly before leaving, she explained that while she could not legally enter the premises without a warrant, she gave Sly a key that would allow him and his gang to enter. With this, Sly was, without a doubt, convinced the two of them were going to work well together.

After Neyla left, Bentley contacted Sly to let him know that he was ready to take on his job inside the discotheque and told him to return to the safe house.