This ornate coin is the last remnant of Muggshot's Mesa City gambling empire. Despite his fall from fame and fortune, he kept the coin around as a lucky charm when he started his career as a fighter pilot in the ACES leagues. Muggshots's coin increases loot drops!
― In-game description[src]

Muggshot's Coin is the reward you get in Go West Young Raccoon once you have collected all 30 Clue Bottles in the level. The coin increases loot drops.


The coin once belonged to Muggshot, who kept it from his casino days back in Mesa City. It acted as a lucky charm for him during the ACES competition.


It is a large gold coin with a loop on the top for stringing a necklace through. Engraved on the head side of the coin is a portrait of Muggshot with a cigar in his mouth, and a banner below it with three stars spaced evenly across it. Engraved on the tail side is a playing card spade with five stars surrounding it.

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