Bentley: This Muggshot certainly isn't shy. Okay, so we know he's here somewhere, but how are we supposed to find him? Mesa City is a big place.
Sly: Given that he's a bulldog... it seems only reasonable to assume he'd choose to live in a giant fire hydrant.
― At the entrance to Mesa City[src]

"Muggshot's Turf" was a job and hub level in "Sunset Snake Eyes" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


From here, Sly Cooper could visit all the other areas in this episode. After infiltrating Mesa City, Bentley wondered how they would find Muggshot, considering how huge the city is. Sly then reasoned that since Muggshot is a bull dog, it would be reasonable to assume he resided within the giant fire hydrant on top of the Boneyard Casino.

Sly then moved on to the next set of areas to collect more treasure keys to activate a car's engine. Upon doing so, the vehicle rammed into the building, breaking down the wood blocking the entrance into Muggshot's casino. Once inside, Sly came across a huge Muggshot door, which had an elevator hidden behind it. Sly needed to find a few more treasure keys to unlock it and confront Muggshot.

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