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Fear the Murray!
― Murray[src]

Murray, the brawn, is the tritagonist of the Sly Cooper series. He is a male hippopotamus with pink skin and brown eyes. He is best friends with Sly Cooper and Bentley, and is a member of the Cooper Gang. He has a great love for his van, which he drives when the gang needs a quick getaway.

Murray first appeared in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus at the age of 18. His current age is unknown, as he was 20 in Sly 2: Band of Thieves and 21 in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, but an unknown amount of time passed between that and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. His demeanor changed drastically between the first and second games, going from a timid getaway driver to someone much more fearless, often throwing himself into dangerous situations just for the thrill of it.

He was voiced by Chris Murphy in all of his appearances and was set to be voiced by Murphy again in the upcoming film, though the film has been shelved.



I'll save you, Sly! Just leave it to... The Murray!
― Murray, during the cookie heist[src]

In circumstances that have never been revealed,[1] Murray was orphaned at a young age. He was raised at the Happy Camper Orphanage where he met Sly and Bentley. At some point during his youth, Murray learned how to drive by hot-wiring cars. He later got a job as a pizza delivery boy, but was fired after dropping too many pizzas.[2]

Murray aborts the cookie heist

During their time at the orphanage, the trio made a plan to steal cookies from the headmistress Mrs. Puffin. In the middle of the night, Sly snuck into Puffin's office to grab the cookie jar while Murray stood by as a getaway driver. The "heist" was cut short when the night janitor entered Puffin's office. Promising to keep Sly from getting caught, Murray pedaled his tricycle (the getaway vehicle) away at full speed. However, the tricycle had no brakes, and they crashed. Murray apologized, but cheered up after seeing that Sly had managed to dump the cookies into his hat at the last second.[3] Later, Murray was enjoying all of the cookies without sharing any with the rest of the gang.[4]

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

Murray's bravery

Murray accompanied Sly and Bentley around the world to defeat the Fiendish Five, who had killed Sly's father and stolen the pages of the Thievius Raccoonus. While he mainly acted as the team's getaway driver, Murray made several ventures into the field to help Sly retrieve treasure keys.[5][6] After defeating Clockwerk, Sly acknowledged Murray for his bravery in getting out into the field with him, and remarked that he has more heart than anyone he has ever known.[7]

The Adventures of Sly Cooper, Issue 1

Sly: My dad was right, you don't have a plan if you don't have a plan B.
Murray: I hope plan B involves food. I'm starving.
― During the Venus de Whalo heist[src]

Murray loads the Venus de Whalo into the van

After restoring the Thievius Raccoonus to its former glory, the Cooper Gang planned to steal a valuable statue called the Venus de Whalo from forger Dimitri Lousteau and his fiancée, Beverly D'Oinkeau. Arriving in Monaco, Murray and Bentley waited outside while Sly sneaked inside Dimitri's mansion. Sly was caught, so Murray came to his rescue by taking out the security guards that surrounded him. Disguised as the guards, the trio lured D'Oinkeau and Inspector Carmelita Fox (who D'Oinkeau had hired to guard the statue) into the attic. Then, they stole the Venus de Whalo.[8]

Outside, Murray loaded the statue into the Cooper Van. Although the theft was a success, Bentley mentioned that they had to wait 45 minutes for their scheduled boat to arrive. Sly left to distract Carmelita while Murray and Bentley waited.[9] 45 minutes later, the Gang narrowly escaped from Carmelita with the Venus de Whalo in tow.[10]

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Evildoers, feel my wrath!
― Murray[src]

Spurred on by the minor changes at the end of the first game, Murray completely changed from his previously fearful self. He became more confident, started working out, and started going out into the field as the gang's muscle. He also took on the habit of referring to himself in the third person as "The Murray." Even with his newfound combat prowess however, he still has a passion for driving. He helps the team greatly with the many uses of his great strength, his driving skill, and his excellent ability in battle. Murray's sheer power saves the team on multiple occasions.

Two years after defeating Clockwerk, the Cooper Gang received word that the Clockwerk parts were being held on display at the Museum of Natural History in Cairo. Murray went with the rest of the gang in an attempt to steal the parts so that Clockwerk would never have a chance to be resurrected. Unfortunately, by the time the gang made it to the museum, the parts had been stolen the night before. Following their only lead on the missing Clockwerk parts, a comment from Carmelita's new partner, Constable Neyla, the Cooper Gang decided to track down the members of the Klaww Gang and steal the parts that each of them possessed. Along the way, Murray and the rest of the gang came to trust Neyla, who made it known that she was deliberately helping the Cooper Gang. Murray helped the gang steal the Clockwerk tail feathers from Dimitri and the Clockwerk wings from Rajan. When Rajan went into hiding following the theft of the wings out of fear, the Cooper Gang found out that Rajan retreated to his spice temple, where he was housing the Clockwerk heart.

After retrieving the half of the Clockwerk heart that was helping the production of the Klaww Gang's spice, the Cooper Gang set to work on stealing the other half of the heart that Rajan was carrying at all times. After luring Rajan out of hiding, Neyla appeared and helped Sly reach Rajan under the pretense that she was helping the gang steal the heart. However, Neyla abandoned Sly, which resulted in Rajan knocking a confused Sly unconscious and into a drained pit. Murray, who saw Sly fall into the pit, jumped down to rescue him. However, Rajan followed suit and electrified the pit's walls, with nowhere left for Murray to go. When Murray declared that he would make Rajan fear the Cooper Gang again, Rajan countered by telling Murray that all he saw was a "fat, pathetic weakling." Taking offense to being called weak (while owning up to his frame and relative lack of intelligence), an enraged Murray fought Rajan, eventually knocking him unconscious and stealing his half of the Clockwerk heart. When Neyla showed up again, Murray asked for Neyla to help him and Sly out of the pit. Neyla instead signaled for Carmelita and the Contessa to arrive, and revealed that she had been planning the capture of the Cooper Gang along with the Klaww Gang, effectively betraying the Cooper Gang. After Neyla also unexpectedly framed Carmelita for aiding the Cooper Gang, Murray, Sly, and Carmelita were arrested and taken away by the Contessa.

Murray and Sly were taken to the Contessa's prison to receive hypnotherapy. Naturally, Murray resisted, so the Contessa resorted to forcing Murray to eat food laced with spice, which eventually started to cause him to feel "strange." As it turned out, the Contessa was a secret member of the Klaww Gang and had been using her hypnotherapy skills to brainwash criminals into revealing where they stashed their loot. After a while, a miserable Murray was wandering around the common area when he heard Sly's voice in the vent of the area's back wall. Happy to see that Sly escaped with Bentley's help, Murray told Sly about the spice he was forced to eat and that he needed to get out of the prison as soon as possible. Sly told Murray that Bentley's plan required Murray to be in solitary confinement, where it would be easier to free him. Trusting his friends, Murray got himself thrown into solitary confinement, but that resulted in the Contessa using hypno-boxes to enhance the effects of the spice Murray had been consuming. By the time Sly and Bentley arrived to rescue Murray, Murray's mind was so lost in the spice's effects that their best course of action was to amplify the power of the hypno-boxes so that Murray would destroy the hypno-boxes in a fit of rage. Back to his senses, Murray thanked his friends for freeing him before revealing that he managed to keep the half of the Clockwerk heart he stole from Rajan away from the Contessa. The Contessa made her rounds at that moment, and that resulted in the Cooper Gang chasing the Contessa out of the rehabilitation prison. Following the recent turn of events, the Cooper Gang took an extended break before resuming their hunt for the Clockwerk parts.

Sometime after their escape from the prison, word of the Contessa's corruption spread throughout Interpol, resulting in Neyla, who was closest to the case, being in charge of dealing with the Contessa with war-level firepower. After finding out that the Contessa was in possession of the Clockwerk eyes, the Cooper Gang had no choice but to walk into the war zone and steal the eyes, while also getting payback on the Contessa in the process. Murray helped the gang steal the eyes, in the process freeing Carmelita from the Contessa's attempted brainwashing. While the heist resulted in the Contessa being arrested by Neyla, it also resulted in Neyla being promoted to the rank of Captain, making her an even more dangerous threat to the Cooper Gang.

Murray went on to help the Cooper Gang steal the Clockwerk lungs and stomach from Jean Bison, who retreated to his lumber camp in response. Further pursuing Bison in order to steal the Clockwerk talons, their mission took a turn for the worse when Bison knocked out the Cooper Gang, found their hideout, and sold all the Clockwerk parts they found to Arpeggio, the Klaww Gang's leader. After defeating Bison, the Cooper Gang used the Northern Lights battery Bison had been preparing for Arpeggio to stowaway onto Arpeggio's blimp and steal the Clockwerk parts back, along with any parts Arpeggio had. Murray's beloved van had to be left behind, which saddened Murray as he watched the ice the van was on break and send the van off into the horizon.

Despite the loss, it did not hinder Murray's ability to work in sync with Sly and Bentley as they worked to stop Arpeggio. While planning their heist, the Cooper Gang found out that Neyla had been working for Arpeggio the entire time, making her another secret member of the Klaww Gang. After Arpeggio revealed his master plan to Sly to become one with Clockwerk and achieve immortality using the Northern Lights battery and the Klaww Gang's spice ring, Neyla betrayed Arpeggio and entered Clockwerk's recently reassembled body herself, dubbing herself Clock-La as she killed Arpeggio and took off into the sky. Murray helped the Cooper Gang weaken the blimp's power so that Clock-La's power would be siphoned. After receiving a radio transmission from Carmelita, who was still on the run from Interpol due to Neyla's framing, the Cooper Gang and Carmelita came to a temporary truce to destroy Clock-La. They succeeded, but at a terrible price. At the end of the mission, Murray held open Clock-La's mouth to allow Bentley to remove Clock-La's Hate Chip. Unfortunately, right after Bentley got the chip off Clock-La, her beak unexpectedly closed on Bentley. Shocked, Murray freed Bentley from the beak, only to find out that Bentley was now crippled. A few moments after Clock-La, and by extension Clockwerk, was destroyed, Carmelita announced the end of their truce and prepared to place the gang under arrest. Sly bargained to let Murray and Bentley walk while only arresting him, and Carmelita agreed. Murray and Bentley left their gear behind as they walked away in pain and tears. Free of all accusations, Carmelita was given a promotion and she and Sly were en route to the prison where Sly was going to be booked. However, Murray and Bentley's gear being left behind turned out to be a ruse, and the two managed to take out the helicopter pilot bringing Sly to the prison while setting the helicopter to fly in circles. Upon realizing this, Sly used the opportunity to escape the helicopter via parachute before meeting up with Murray and Bentley. Bentley was eventually sent to the hospital. In spite of the ruse, Murray's emotional wounds were deeper than it seemed, which later caused him to make a tearful decision.

The Adventures of Sly Cooper, Issue 2

We tried to console him, but going out on his own was something he needed to do. He said he wanted to find his spiritual center.
― Sly Cooper[src]

Murray became increasingly timid of his own actions. He started blaming himself for almost everything that went wrong and even started to show a lack of confidence that Sly had never seen before. After rescuing Bentley from the hospital he was confined in, Murray revealed to his friends that he felt that he was too much of a burden and danger to the team; he announced that he was leaving the gang to find his spiritual center, much to their surprise. Although Sly and Bentley were heartbroken by this, Sly later revealed in the third game that he knew deep down that it was something Murray needed to do, presumably in order to get his thoughts straightened out after the heavy psychological blows sustained from the events of the second game.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

Find the match deep inside yourself... light it, and let the fire burn up your guts and boil your blood!
― The Murray[src]

Art of Murray in his shaman outfit

By Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, Murray had given up his violent ways and became a pacifist under the guidance of a mysterious indigenous Australian shaman known as the Guru, contending with himself over the guilt he feels for Bentley's paralysis as well as his own anger. Eventually finding peace in himself, Murray is told by the Guru to travel the world on a soul-cleansing journey. He eventually winds up in Venice, Italy where Sly and Bentley find him. Sly and Bentley not only need him back for their next big heist, but also because they miss him terribly. Murray is at first reluctant because he wants to continue his journey "until the black water runs pure." Sly and Bentley figure out that this is because the local crime boss, Octavio, has been polluting the waters of Venice for dastardly reasons. When Murray meets Bentley the reunion is rather dramatic as Bentley emotionally pleads to Murray that he doesn't blame him for what happened.


Eventually, the team confronts Octavio but he hurts Bentley in the process by knocking him off his wheelchair. In a rage, Murray casts aside his aboriginal ways to come to his friend's rescue, fists blazing. After defeating the opera mobster, "The Murray" returns for real. Tough as ever, his training under the Guru has also served to better focus him as well as give him a few impressive abilities he learned making him even more of a threat than before. Although despite all this, deep down he's still lovable silly old Murray. Murray even manages to salvage the van that he had thought he lost in Sly 2. When recovering his van under immense pressure and danger, his perseverance and dedication to his goal inspires the Panda King and becomes one of his deciding factors in finally joining the Cooper gang as a full-fledged member. Murray is often referred to as the team's heart he seems the most compassionate. At the end of Sly 3, this seems to be true. When Bentley begins to have doubts about Sly's true loyalty to his friends and the glue that holds the team together starts to fade a bit, it's Murray who quells all doubts reminding Bentley of their undying brotherhood bond. Dr. M, the third game's ultimate antagonist, also reveals in the end that Murray is far stronger


than Jim McSweeney, the strongman of the previous Cooper Gang.


...recently he's been trying to break into the pro racing circuit. Things are looking good; he's got a unique talent of living through crashes others would have found fatal, just always bounces clear.
― Bentley, on Murray's new career[src]

At the end of events of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, Murray, Bentley and the rest of the Cooper Gang searched Sly across the island, but without success, finding only his cane and equipment, as well as all of his family's stockpiled treasure soon after the battle with Dr. M. When Sly didn't return after a few months or so, the team had split up and went their separate ways. Murray, however, stays in close contact with Bentley and the two are still considered close friends. Murray completes his spiritual training with The Guru, and eventually gives into his racing passion and becomes a professional in the stock-van racing circuit, using the team van as his winning ticket. Bentley reports that things are looking very bright for Murray's racing career. It's assumed however, that if Sly were to ever come back and Murray was needed, that The Murray would be there in an instant to help out his best friend.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Bentley: Okay, you all know what to do... Time to kick some butt!
Murray: My favorite time of the day!
― Before fighting[src]

Murray reprises his role as the Brawn of the Cooper Gang, as well as the driver of the Cooper Van in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The developers have said that he has matured since the last game, however, he still seems about the same as he was before.


The Cooper Gang reunited

After Sly 3, Murray entered the pro-racing circuit, stock-van class, but had to switch to demolition derby because no one would sponsor him, a result of his high insurance premiums. One day, Bentley approached Murray at the race track and asked if he would rejoin the gang, which the hippo quickly agrees to. After meeting up at their old Paris hideout, Bentley explains to Sly and Murray that someone or something was literally causing the contents of the Thievius Raccoonus to be erased from history. Bentley's solution to this problem was to travel back in time and repair the damage themselves. Fortunately, he had already built a Time machine and modified its design to fit in Murray's van. The only downside was that in order to travel to a specific time period, the machine requires an item that was made during that era. The gang figured out from the changes in the Thievius Raccoonus that their first stop was Feudal Japan. In order to reach this time period, the gang needed to steal a 17th century samurai dagger from a nearby museum run by an art collector, who secretly operates an illegal, black market trafficking priceless stolen treasures. Before they began their heist, the gang tasked Dimitri Lousteau with protecting the Thievius Raccoonus and, with the aid of Bentley's special communication device, update them on any changes to the book.

Turning Japanese

The Cooper Gang arrives to Japan.png

After stealing the dagger, the gang just barely escapes the museum's security guards by time travelling to feudal Japan at the last second. Based on the change in the Thievius Raccoonus, the gang needed to locate and help Rioichi Cooper, master ninja and sushi chef. However, they soon discovered that the Japanese village was strictly patrolled by a group of boar guards and that a mercenary general from the present-day, named El Jefe, had framed and imprisoned Rioichi Cooper in a high-security jail for having supposedly served bad sushi to the era's Shogun. Due to El Jefe's presence in the past, Bentley comes to a horrifying conclusion: The Cooper Gang aren't the only people who have access to a time machine.

Breaking Rioichi out of prison.png

With Bentley's aid, Sly infiltrated the prison using a disguise and freed Riochi. Back at the hideout, Rioichi confirmed that El Jefe was cause of his problems, so the gang began plotting to free the village from the tiger's grasp. First, Sly helped Rioichi reclaim his sushi restaurant, as an act of rebellion towards El Jefe. Meanwhile, Bentley and Murray went to the Sashimi Caverns to collect fish for Rioichi's sushi business.

Murray Madame Geisha disguise.png

From his observations, Bentley found out that El Jefe would only leave his palace to speak with Madame Geisha. To find out what El Jefe was telling her, someone would need to impersonate her after stealing her costume. To that end, Rioichi and Murray snuck into the Geisha House to steal the costume. There, Murray tested the costume on a group of boar guards, who quickly became infatuated with the disguised hippo. Afterwards, Bentley deployed his RC car to follow El Jefe around the village to find out any of his weaknesses. When El Jefe went to the Geisha House, he was greeted by Murray, disguised as Madame Geisha. El Jefe let his guard down and didn't notice when Murray stole his plans from his back and gave them to Bentley. The gang finally had enough intel to infiltrate El Jefe's palace and take him down.After sedating the guards with Rioichi's spiked sushi rolls and fell asleep, the Cooper Gang opened the Dragon Gate and made their way to El Jefe's palace.

The Cooper Gang sees Le Paradox's blimp.png

Suddenly, as the gang approached the palace bridge, a large blimp adorned with clocks emerged from the palace, much to the gang's surprise and confusion. Nevertheless, the group continued onward to the palace. However, El Jefe anticipated their arrival, and closed the palace sword gate and ordered a horde of rat troopers to attack them. Sly, Bentley, and Murray fight them off while Rioichi makes his way to the gate switch underneath the bridge. With the guards defeated and the gate open, the team presses on, however, El Jefe ambushes Rioichi and steals his cane to deliver it to a "new owner", before destroying most of the bridge with his katanas. Sly tells everyone else to stay behind, while he presses on to get Rioichi's cane back. Sly managed defeat El Jefe in combat, however, he is ambushed by two rat troopers, who take Rioichi's cane from the tiger's unconscious body and retreat to the mysterious blimp, which suddenly disappears in a flash of light.

The gang prepares to go the Old West

Even though El Jefe had been beaten and delivered to cops, the victory was meaningless since Rioichi's cane was stolen. The gang returned to the hideout and contacted Dimitri for an update on the Thievius Raccoonus. He explained that "Tennessee Kid" Cooper needed their help next, so gang need to travel to the 1880s. Luckily, one of the rat troopers that took Rioichi's cane, dropped an old sheriff's badge. Bentley analyzed the badge and it was proved to be exactly what they needed. With the badge in the time machine, the gang departed for the Old West.

Go West Young Raccoon

Once the gang arrived in the Old West, in the year 1884 AD, they began the search for Sly's outlaw ancestor, "Tennessee Kid" Cooper, in the town of Cotton Mouth Bluff. They soon discovered that Tennesse had been arrested by the local sheriff, an egotistical armadillo named Toothpick. After numerous calculations, Bentley determined that the quickest way to free Tennessee from the prison was from the inside, because the outlaw would soon be executed by hanging. This meant that Sly would have to allow himself to be captured.

Framed 1.png

Afterwards, Bentley contacted Sly and guided him and Tennessee out of the prison. When they returned to the hideout, Tennessee revealed that he had been planning to pull off a massive bank heist (one that would make him the most famous outlaw of the Old West and go down in Cooper lore as his masterpiece), but he was arrested by Sheriff Toothpick before he had even committed the crime. Curiously, the robbery still occurred and Tennessee was unlawfully tried, even though he was already in jail at the time of the robbery. Bentley used his computer to research Toothpick and found out that he was originally a mobster from present-day eastern Europe who grew up loving cowboy movies and gold, so he specialized in gold robberies. This proved that Toothpick did frame Tennessee and that he is a time travelling criminal, like El Jefe. The gang decided to help Tennessee steal back the missing gold and restore his reputation as the greatest outlaw of the Old West.

However, before Tennessee can be of any help, the gang had to steal his cane/gun back. According to Bentley's sources, Toothpick converted an old gold mine into a storage facility for his stolen goods, including Tennessee's gun. Bentley, wearing a disguise, follows Toothpick to the mine's entrance and marks it with a homing beacon for Murray to follow. After Toothpick went inside of the mine to look at his gold collection, Bentley attempted to hack a terminal to gain access to the Budd Stagg Caverns, but suddenly, a group of large, aggressive scorpions approached him. Luckily, Murray arrives, with Tennessee in tow, and kills the scorpions with a nearby turret. After Murray takes out all thirty scorpions, Bentley proceeds to hack the terminal. Once that's accomplished, Murray pries open the cavern door by hand and Tennessee slides underneath. Once Tennessee gets his gun back, Bentley helps him escape from the mines.

Toothpick captures the Cooper Gang

Later, Sly and Bentley infiltrate Toothpick's Saloon and plant a bug in his office. The gang learns that Toothpick plans to leave Cotton Mouth Bluff on a train, loaded up with all of his stolen goods from the mine, and take them back to the present day to become rich. Toothpick also mentions that his "partner" has a trick up his sleeve and has given him the means to defeat the Cooper Gang. Before Bentley could come up with a plan to stop Toothpick, Tennessee informs him of a horrifying discovery: While walking through town, he saw a fox woman being held captive by Toothpick and his men. Bentley recognized her as Carmelita Fox and told Tennessee that her well-being was important and that he must rescue her immediately. Tennessee ventured into Cackling Jackalope Canyon to rescue her while the rest of the gang went an alternate route in the Cooper Van. After Tennessee rescued Carmelita from a runaway stagecoach, Sly, Bentley, and Murray arrived at the scene to help. However, the trio is suddenly held at gunpoint, captured and brought back to the prison by Toothpick and his men, who reveals that the fox was bait to lure out the Cooper Gang.

Carmelita & the Cooper Gang SC4.png

The Cooper Gang is soon saved by Tennessee and Carmelita, who used an old boat to travel upstream to the prison. After being freed, Murray asks where the van is, but Bentley says that will have to track it down later. Once they make it to safety, Carmelita can barely restrain her anger at Sly for lying to her and betraying her trust, but she explains how she got sent back in time: After the Cooper Gang escaped from the museum in the prologue, Carmelita investigated the museum herself after hearing rumors of a black market trafficking priceless, stolen treasures. She found the stolen treasure on display in the museum and that the museum's owner, Cyrille Le Paradox, was unloading them. Le Paradox and his rat troopers captured her and gave her to Toothpick in Cotton Mouth Bluff to prevent her from blowing his cover. Even though they figured out that Le Paradox was behind the Thievius Raccoonus' erasure, the gang and Carmelita are stranded in the past since Toothpick stole the Cooper Van and its time machine.

Murray vs "Wildman"

During a Chalk Talk, Bentley explains that Toothpick is using their van to turbocharge his train and that it will be impossible to go after it while its docked in Budd Stagg Caverns because the mine will have extra security since their escape. In order to get their van back, the gang will have to get on the train while its moving out of town, but in order to catch it, the train's route must be diverted. To do that, three keys switches must be unlocked and Toothpick has entrusted the keys to three of his toughest henchmen: Wildman Weezner, Frenchie Le Stashe and Red Eye Robles, who carry them at all times. The good news is that during the Toothpick Appreciation Festival, there are a number of contests, and all of them will be competing. This gives the gang a perfect opportunity to take the keys from them. Bentley enters Murray in the Bare Knuckle Brawl contest to defeat "Wildman", Sly in the Toothpick 500 to beat Frenchie's race time, and Carmelita in the shooting contest to outperform Red Eye.

Once they obtained all three keys, Tennessee uses them to divert the train's route and the gang jumps onto the train from a bridge. The gang breaks up into three groups, with each assigned a job that must be done in order to stop Toothpick. Bentley makes his way to a computer terminal near the middle of the train and hacks the train's whistles in order to annoy Toothpick while Carmelita clears the way by shooting the steers guarding the computer. At the rear of the train, Murray retrieves the van, driving it off of the train and speeding up to pick up the groups once they've accomplished their tasks. Meanwhile, Tennessee makes his way through the interior of the train to steal back the gold Toothpick stole from him and Sly moves on the roof to cover any possible escape routes. Bentley uses the van's harpoon to carry the gold for Tennessee as he approaches Toothpick at the engine. Unfortunately, Toothpick helps two rat troopers steal Tennessee's gun. Sly fights Toothpick on Tennessee's behalf and defeats the armadillo using the train's whistles and furnace. Tennessee takes Toothpick captive and the two jump off the train.

Screenshot 2013-02-27 at 12.19.28 PM.png

As Sly celebrates Toothpick's defeat, Bentley warns him that the train is headed for a broken bridge. Sly jumps onto the roof of the van. Murray tries to stop the van, however, the brakes won't work because the van's rockets won't shut down. As Carmelita panics, the van's doors open up and the stolen gold is accidentally tossed to Tennessee. In desperation, Bentley grabs Murray's Australian fossil necklace and throws it into the time machine as the van drives off of the cliff. The van time travels before it crashes in the ravine, much to the gang's relief. However, they end up stuck in an unknown time period.

Clan of the Cave Raccoon

Cooper Gang cave hideout.png

After avoiding certain death, the gang accidentally time travelled to Gungathal Valley, Australia in the year 10,000 B.C. Unfortunately, the crash landing and debris from Toothpick's train had damaged the van, so the time machine wasn't working properly. Even Bentley's transceiver was damaged, so contacting Dimitri was impossible. Worst of all, the gang had no idea how or why Le Paradox developed his own time machine. Carmelita kept her distance from the gang because she was still angry at Sly for lying to her. Sly attempted to talk to Carmelita, to apologize and come to an understanding. However, when he approached her, Carmelita left the hideout in anger and threatened Sly not to follow. Nevertheless, the Cooper gang decided the first order of business was to figure out where and when they were, and to repair the van. Otherwise, they'd be stranded in prehistoric Australia.

While on a recon mission to investigate the area and find the van parts, Sly discovers a black bear, named "The Grizz", painting on a rock. Sly immediately notes that Grizz doesn't belong in this era because of the jewelry and crown he wears. Afterwards, Sly infiltrates Grizz's lair to find out what the bear is planning. During his mission, Sly finds a prehistoric raccoon imprisoned by Grizz's guards. At the request of Bentley, Sly rescues the raccoon, who is revealed to be his most distant ancestor. Due to the unpronounceable nature of his name, Sly nicknames him Bob for short.

Bob and the Gang.png

Once they returned to the hideout arrived, Bentley provided the background on Bob's former captor. Originally, Grizz was a common street thug and graffiti artist, who'd been made famous by a prominent pop artist. His fame was short-lived, however, when people realized that his art was mediocre. Resentful, Grizz returned to his criminal roots, quickly becoming the top art thief on INTERPOL's Most Wanted list and one of Carmelita's main targets, other than Sly. It became clear that Grizz avoided capture through his deal with Le Paradox. Bob explained that Grizz had mysteriously appeared and started harvesting all the pterodactyl eggs in the area, eliminating his role as food provider for his tribe and greatest egg thief ever. Depressed, Bob went into a slump and became overweight, which allowed Grizz to easily capture him and steal the tool/cane he'd invented to steal eggs. The gang decided to figure out what operation Grizz was running for Le Paradox, and why it involved stealing pterodactyl eggs. They also needed Bob's help to find the rest of the van parts, which meant the gang had to get him back into climbing shape.

Murray becomes depressed when Bob replaces him in the climbing mission

At the request of Bentley, Murray helps Bob train and get back in shape, with the aid of some friendly prehistoric penguins. Next, Murray volunteers to climb up Frostbite Peak and retrieve Bentley's temporal sprocket. After defeating a group of dodo birds, Murray attempts to climb up a wall of ice. However, he is unable to hold on and keeps slipping off. Due to lack of time, Bentley calls in Bob to climb the wall instead, which disappoints Murray. Bentley tries to cheer him up by reminding him that he's the one who trained Bob. Bentley tells him to return to the hideout and have a snack. However, Murray is so upset that he doesn't want to eat, much to his own surprise, and dejectedly walks away.

After Bob returns the sprocket, Bentley requests Murray's help to reclaim his broken gravity encabulator from a group of prehistoric penguins. However, Murray is still upset about being replaced by Bob in the prior mission. Bentley tries to comfort him by reminding him of his importance to the team. Murray reluctantly agrees and tracks down each penguin to reassemble the encabulator. During the mission, Murray laments being demoted to a "penguin herder" and believes that Bob is taking his place. Murray also asks Bentley where Carmelita is, because he is worried about her. Bentley says that she is fine and that Carmelita is very independent. Murray quickly realizes she is mad at Sly again and Bentley admits that he's right. When Murray collects all of the encabulator pieces from the penguins, Bentley congratulates him for his success, but Murray believes that "making birds barf" isn't really a good achievement. Nevertheless, Bentley continues to compliment Murray by saying he's the best "bird barfer" he's ever seen. This partial cheers up Murray, who finally feels good enough to start eating again.

After Bentley tags Grizz with homing darts, Sly follows the bear across the valley to obtain the code to his mountain base. While Bentley siphons data from his phone, Sly follows Grizz back to his base. However, Grizz angrily smashes his phone after a conversation with Le Paradox, and Bentley fails to get the code in time. Fortunately, a now calm, Carmelita shows up and tells the gang that she followed Grizz on her own and has the security codes and full schematics for his mountain base. Although helping thieves goes against everything she stands for, Carmelita realizes that she has a new respect for the Cooper Gang and allies with them to defeat their common enemy: Cyrille Le Paradox. With this information, Bentley formulates a plan to finally defeat the Grizz and shut down his counterfeit cave painting production.

Now able to access Grizz's mountain base or "The Purple Paw Paint Factory", The Cooper Gang, Bob, and Carmelita stow away in a giant egg lifts on a conveyor belt to get inside. Once inside, Bentley makes his way through the factory and disables the egg vats using his explosive darts, allowing the gang to stop production of the paint. Next, Bob climbs up the main generator tower and pries its pressure valves open; this would disrupt the factory's power and start a fatal chain reaction in the system. After he pried the last valve, Murray, Bentley, and Carmelita came in their egg lift to pick Bob up from the side of the tower. Bob leaps from the tower in order to reach the lift and Murray catches him, but the force his jump causes the egg lift to tilt and nearly causes everyone to fall. Determined to keep everyone together, Murray saves Bob by pulling him into the lift, but loses his balance and falls into a separate lift that takes him to a different location. This forces Sly to cover Murray's role of getting to the master control panel and making sure none of Grizz's guards reset the system. If it were to reset, the mission would be a failure and the gang would be sitting ducks. Sly manages to reach the control panel and take out a mammoth guard before he could reset the system.

While still on the lift, Murray spots Grizz in a large, icy cave resembling an ice rink and jumps down to confront him. The rest of the gang showed up behind a icy wall and see Murray confronting Grizz. Carmelita and Bob were concerned, but Bentley and Sly had complete confidence that Murray could handle him. Grizz taunts Murray on his appearance and vents his frustration over Le Paradox and the Cooper Gang. Grizz says that all he wanted to do was skate, and now, the Cooper Gang is interfering with his dream. Grizz then snaps the gold pendant on his chain in half and attaches the pieces to feet, creating makeshift skates, before challenging Murray to a fight.

However, Murray defeats the bear in battle and throws him into the icy wall the other Cooper Gang members were standing behind. The rest of the gang praises Murray on his victory. Murray appreciates the compliments and says that his victory makes up for his screw ups lately. Bentley tells Murray that they all make mistakes from time to time, but it doesn't matter, since they are a team that helps out one another. Sly tells Murray that he is one who saved the day and not to forget it. Finally, Murray regains his confidence and asks if anyone brought something to eat.

Back at the hideout, Bentley finally repaired his transceiver, allowing them to contact Dimitri once more. Dimitri was happy to finally hear from them as he'd been worried "His bros were warping their faces off!", not making any sense as usual. He pointed the gang to their next destination, Medieval England. Coincidentally, Grizz's crown was the perfect object to use in the time machine. Although they'd only uncovered Grizz's Ice Age scheme by accident, luck seemed to be on their side. The Cooper Gang and Carmelita left in a confident mood, ready to tackle whatever fate had in store for them.

Of Mice and Mechs

After arriving in Medieval England, 1301 A.D., the Cooper Gang began to locate Sly's ancestor, Sir Galleth Cooper, a gallant knight who founded the Cooper Order. Unfortunately, they soon discovered that Sir Galleth had been reduced to performing in a local circus as a jester. Although Le Paradox's presence in this time period was obvious, the gang had no one idea what was going on. To make matters worse, they still had no information about Penelope's whereabouts, much to Bentley's dismay. The gang decided that their first objective was to rescue Sir Galleth from the circus.

With the abilities of his new Archer Costume, Sly made his way through the circus and rescued Sir Galleth. Once they returned to the hideout, Sir Galleth explained the situation to the gang: The surrounding area is held in the iron grip of a fearsome Black Knight. His origin is a mystery, but his power and technological prowess was impressive, easily defeating Galleth's forces. The Knight even created a new type of robotic guard which patrolled tirelessly and without mercy. Galleth easily defeated the guards himself and singlehandedly stormed the Black Knight's castle, only for his mysterious foe to defeat him. Bentley searched every criminal database in existence, but couldn't find any info on the mysterious knight. The gang wondered if Le Paradox somehow made an ally from this time period and how this Black Knight managed to create the mechanical guards. The gang explained to Sir Galleth who they really were, but he just started ranting about, "Taking the fight to the enemy and restoring the Cooper Honor!", before attempting to leave the hideout and storm the Black Knight's castle once more, only for the gang to stop him. Until they figured out what was going on, the gang decided to keep Galleth on a short leash.

After stealing back Galleth's cane, the Cooper Gang begins disrupting the Black Knight's plans by destroying several of his inventions. Later, Bentley assigns a mission to Murray, Sly, and Sir Galleth to shut down the Black Knight's production facilities in the village's local shops. Murray is specifically ordered to go to the Tavern and destroy its fuel production facility for the robotic guards, while Sly and Galleth go to the Shoemaker's and bakery respectively.

When Bentley returns to the hideout following the events of Shell Shocked Heart, he informs the gang that Penelope was the Black Knight all along and betrayed the Cooper Gang by using his plans to make a time machine for Le Paradox. This revelation hurt him so much, that he hid in his shell and wouldn't come out. Everyone took turns trying to coax him out, but nothing worked. Sly concluded that Bentley would have to come back to them on his own. Unfortunately, the gang couldn't wait around for that. Resentful, Sly became determined to personally take down Penelope, with or without Bentley's help.

However, without Bentley's guidance, the gang had no idea how to take down Penelope. Sir Galleth suggests they all storm the castle and gang up on Penelope. After crafting the necessary explosives, Murray swims through the castle's moat and plants the explosives on the drawbridge. After detonating them, the bridge drops down, allowing the gang to invade the Penelope's castle. Upon seeing Penelope's Black Knight, without a second thought, Sir Galleth charged at the traitorous mouse in an attempt to stop her. However, Penelope effortlessly restrains him and gives his cane to one of Le Paradox's rat trooper, before tossing him aside. Penelope also traps the gang between the drawbridge's gates. Before they slammed shut, Carmelita pushed Sly out. Penelope activates her giant mech to battle Sly, however, the raccoon uses his Archer Costume to fire bombs at the giant robot, destroying it. After disabling the suit, a piece of the armor falls on Sly's leg and pins him. Penelope takes this moment to try to kill Sly, but is stopped by the arrival of Bentley, who wears his own armor made of the Moat Monster.

A heartbroken Bentley asks why Penelope turned on the Cooper Gang. She explains that it was because of Sly's morals and that they were holding back Bentley's potential, which he could have used to make them rich. This causes Bentley to ask if she joined Le Paradox's gang for his money. Penelope says that the skunk is just a means to an end. Bentley tries to reason with Penelope and inform her that Le Paradox is actually using her, but she insists that they fight as Bentley decides to stay loyal to Sly. The two fight with their robot suits and Bentley ultimately wins. He frees Sly from the fallen armor, and he apologizes for not helping the gang when they needed him. Bentley then opens the gate to free the others.

Back at the hideout, the gang contacted Dimitri, who informed them that Sly's Arabian ancestor Salim al-Kupar was in trouble now. Which meant, they needed to get to Ancient Arabia. This time Carmelita provided a solution: Before Le Paradox grabbed her back in the museum, she'd manage to pocket a gold coin as evidence. Luckily, the antique gold piece was exactly what they needed for the time machine. As the gang left Medieval England, everyone kept a close eye on Bentley, who downplayed his heroics and refused to acknowledge that he'd saved them. They all sensed a new confidence in Bentley, which he gained by finally confronting his insecurities.

Forty Thieves

The Cooper Gang traveled to Ancient Arabia, 1001 A.D., to find Salim al-Kupar, an ancestor said to possess the stealth of forty thieves. Bentley's research revealed that Salim was also a charter member of the infamous Forty Thieves. For once, it seemed that the gang would have plenty of backup to help out with this job. When they arrived, however, the gang discovered that most of the thieves had already retired. Having made their fortunes and gotten older, a majority of the great thieves decided to retire and enjoyed their remaining years in peace. Unsurprisingly, Cyrille Le Paradox had also taken over this time period, as a large number of guards patrolled everywhere, and it was clear that something sinister was going on. After doing some research, Bentley had even worse news - no one had seen Salim al-Kupar for some time. He had been working with the few of the remaining thieves but had simply vanished. Finding Salim became the gang's first objective.

After Sly tracks down his ancestor and brings him to the hideout, Salim explains his problem: Some new player calling herself Miss Decibel had arrived into town and started throwing lots of money around. Sly realized that she was one of Le Paradox's time traveling lieutenants and flaunted her wealth to lure out Salim. Unaware of her true intentions, Salim and the three remaining thieves had decided to pull one last heist before disappearing into retirement, Miss Decibel being the target. Of course, with her technology, she had easily captured his thief brothers, and Salim had been trying to come up with a plan to free them ever since.

Also, Bentley provided a background check on their enemy: Miss Decibel had come from a wealthy British family and possessed a passion for classical music. Unfortunately, she lacked any musical talent and has a bad temper. After one notably awful performance, in which the crowd booed and threw a rotten tomato at her, the young Decibel threw a volatile temper tantrum, which caused the trumpet that she was playing to get stuck in her trunk. After she discovered that she could control people with her hypnotic tones, Decibel turned to a life of crime, using her new power to control others, forcing them to commit crimes for her. When the gang told Salim about Le Paradox, and situation made some strange kind of sense to him. Unfortunately, he wasn't completely convinced that they were here to help him, meaning they would have to prove themselves, again.

Later, Sly retrieves Salim's Thief Costume from a pawn shop, allowing the gang to earn to his trust. Sly also eavesdrops on Miss Decibel and Le Paradox's conversation, learning that she is forcing the three remaining thieves to forge documents for the skunk which falsely establish Le Paradox as an esteemed member of royalty in the present day. He also learns that Decibel's men were running out of supplies to feed the thieves and Le Paradox promised to send a delivery boy with the desired delicacies. Sly took the opportunity to impersonate one in order to obtain the location of Salim's friends.

Bentley sends Sly and Murray to rescue the thief known as "The Tiger", who is held inside a small, but well-reinforced taxi shop. They both break in, but Murray accidentally activates a trap and they end up falling through a secret entrance to an underground cavern called "Smuggler's Cove". Unfortunately, the fall damaged their Binocucom link with Bentley. Since the two end up separated by a large fence, they decide to take alternate paths through the area. Murray activates a switch on his end that allows Sly to continue, however, Murray runs into several whirling blade traps that halt his progression. Sly uses his Thief Costume to venture through the area and shut off the contraptions. Murray, then makes his way to a another switch, which raises a sunken ship. Eventually, their communications line with Bentley is restored, and he tells Sly to climb up the ship and get to the The Tiger, while he finds a route out of the caverns for Murray.

After rescuing the remaining thieves and planting a bug in Miss Decibel's office, the Cooper Gang could finally go after Miss Decibel and Le Paradox. In a chalk talk, Bentley reminds every that Miss Decibel has produced counterfeit documents with a false family history for Le Paradox that will make him an esteemed member of royalty in the present day. Bentley believes that this is Le Paradox's last and greatest caper, and if he succeeds, his wealth and power will make him untouchable. In order to stop him, the gang must get past the strange door in the lamp shop. Bentley hasn't figured out what is beyond the door, but he does know that Decibel will deliver the documents to Le Paradox there. Bentley's plan to distract the guards is having Carmelita belly dance for them, while the gang opens the door. Naturally, she is very uncomfortable with this and Murray eagerly volunteers to wear it instead, but Carmelita eventually agrees.

Once the gang enters the shop, Carmelita is dressed up in the outfit and approaches the Mandrill flashlight guards, grabbing their attention. She performs a belly dance for the guards, so that the rest of the gang can open the door (which takes them all to open).

After the door is opened, Salim lazily declines to finish the mission and offers to stay behind and "watch over" Carmelita while Sly and his pals head through the door. The gang is shocked to discover an underground docking station for Le Paradox's blimp. Bentley says that he made a "surprise" for Miss Decibel with the leftover material from Carmelita's outfit, but thinks its better to use it now. Murray believes its another costume and offers to try it on, but Bentley reveals that its a mouse disguise for his RC car. Using the mouse-mobile to lure away the guards and disable the laser gate, Bentley hacks the computer terminal in the control room to disbale the security and give Sly and Murray access to the rest of the docking station. However, a fail-safe system kicks in. Since they cannot wait for Bentley to resolve the problem, Sly and Murray have to fight their way through a horde of rat trooper guards and destroy the laser turrets blocking their path, before they can confront Le Paradox.

Le Paradox reveals himself in his blimp, and mocks the Cooper Gang by calling them "The Three Musketeers" and taunts them for always being one step behind, claiming he's already won. Miss Decibel then arrives carrying an unconscious Salim. Le Paradox is uninterested, saying that he only wanted Salim's cane, which he reveals to already have on board, along with the false royal documents. Miss Decibel says their deal is complete and asks him to let her board his blimp, but Le Paradox says that he must leave now, as cannot risk Sly ruining his plans. The skunk activates his blimp and prepares to leave, but Miss Decibel drops Salim and goes after Le Paradox. Murray exclaims that Le Paradox is going to get away with Salim's cane. Bentley tells Sly that if Le Paradox returns to the present with the documents, then all of their futures are in peril. Salim wakes up and weakly says that he tried to stop him. Sly pursues Miss Decibel, while Murray and Bentley watch over the injured Salim.

Sly defeats Miss Decibel by using his Thief Costume to slow down time and make her crash into the electric poles on top of the blimp. Decibel, hanging on by a rope, begs Le Paradox to let her on board the blimp. However, he claims that they have already reached maximum weight capacity, as he revealed that he had also captured Carmelita. Despite her aiding him in his plans, Le Paradox gleefully abandons Decibel, due to his hatred for her music. Le Paradox also warns Sly not to try anything or else he will throw Carmelita over board to her death. Miss Decibel falls down to the floor, and Le Paradox escapes with Carmelita on board with his blimp rising out of the dock and disappearing. Salim walks up to the beaten Miss Decibel and places a cork in her trunk, preventing her from using her powers.

Miss Decibel was defeated and delivered to the police, but it was a hollow victory. Le Paradox had escaped with Carmelita, the ancestors' canes, and now his fake pedigree. The Cooper Gang was dejected by their defeat and talking to Dimitri didn't help. He was freaked out and yelling about having to "Boogie down in Skunktown". So as usual, his words made little sense. But their goal was clear: They needed to get back home fast to save the lives of everyone they care about and the very future of their existence. The gang was determined to make things right and they traveled back to Paris, ready for a final stand against Le Paradox.


After Le Paradox's defeat, Murray began competing in pro wrestling, while still helping to search for Sly's whereabouts with Bentley and Carmelita.


Physical appearance

Murray is a round pink hippopotamus with brown eyes and is depicted as having a muscular upper body and a large stomach. He wears a blue-green T-shirt and a light blue scarf. He is barefoot in Sly 1. From Sly 2 on, Murray dons a maroon wrestling mask, fighting gloves and a large belt. He also wears a pair of driving goggles and black shoes with white laces (though they looked white in cutscenes and artwork). Before he returns to Cooper Gang in Sly 3, he wears Dreamtime make-up and replaces his scarf with a short yellow cape to indicate his apprenticeship to the Guru.

In Thieves in Time, Murray's belt buckle changes from being a normal frame-style belt buckle, to one with a large wrestling plate on the front, adorned with the Cooper gang's logo. His shoes go from being black with white laces (albeit in cutscenes they were white) to white with red stripes. He also has a vertical yellow stripe going down the middle of the back half of the mask.


What if he don't wanna come? I don't want to hurt him.
― Murray to Bentley, before kidnapping General Clawfoot[src]

One of the few comic relief characters in the game, Murray started off as a coward in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. Before the events of Sly 2, his love for Mexican wrestling[11], and learning that he can put up a fight in the field, made him discover his strength. He is much bolder in Sly 2, but witnessing Bentley get crippled and his eventual soul search gives him compassion and represses his rage to a point where he can call upon it when need be.

It is implied by several cutscenes that Murray is still a child deep down inside mainly due to his unstable behavior, and despite his incredible strength and his bold personality in both Sly 2 and Sly 3, Murray has a softer side. There are some occasions where he would prefer not to hurt anyone, even though he often mows down enemies gleefully. For instance, Murray was initially hesitant about resorting to violence to kidnap General Clawfoot, on the grounds that he seemed like a defenseless old man; Murray only went through with it when Bentley explained that Murray couldn't physically harm Clawfoot. Murray also has a tendency to take things that do not go as planned harder than everyone else. He is often the first person to cry in these situations, best shown when Neyla betrayed the Cooper Gang, when the team lost the Cooper Van, and when Bentley became crippled. He also felt inadequate to the team for most of the gang's time in Gungathal Valley when he tried to climb an icy wall, only for Bob Cooper to be called in to do it; while climbing icy walls was Bob's specialty, Murray probably felt outdone because he was the one that trained Bob to get back into shape in the first place.

Murray is also extremely determined and loyal, as he helps mend Bentley's fear of Sly not being his friend, and refuses to give up on his associates at any cost. During the rescue of his van, he is told multiple times that it is far too dangerous, but refuses, as the memories of his time with the gang in there is far too precious to him. His determination is so strong, he even moves the Panda King, who notes that Murray shows extreme compassion and heart.

Murray also has a gluttonous appetite. Even as a child, Murry's appetite can get the best of him at times as he ate all the cookies he and his friends stole without sharing. This later happened in Canada when Murray went out for snack only to be captured by Inspector Fox.


Murray was especially capable against groups of enemies.

Murray's characteristic strength makes him the muscle of the Cooper Gang. This, paired with his large size, makes him a formidable opponent. Most of Murray's abilities center around the use of his fists or body; these include the Thunder Flop and Fists of Flame, among others. Because of his size, Murray is unable to stealthily pickpocket enemies, so he must resort to picking them up and ruffling their clothes to find loot.

Under the tutelage of the Guru, Murray learned the Aboriginal Ball Form, which enables him to curl up into a ball and use his bulk offensively against enemies or objects. Another ability that he obtained from his Dreamtime training was a Temporal Lock that freezes time for a short duration. As the team's getaway driver, Murray is a capable albeit reckless driver. He is also a mechanic, taking care of his van and building Team Cooper's biplane for the ACES Competition. Despite his large appearance, he is also proficient in some artistics, like coloring, drawing and creative dancing.