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Due to technical restrictions, this page is named Murray & Sly Tag Team. The correct, in-game name is Murray/Sly Tag Team.

Sly: Bentley tells me that the door to that room is locked down by wall-mounted power stations located throughout this blimp. I'll need you to take out all the power stations and then pry open the door by hand.
Murray: No sweat, Sly.
― Explaining the current mission[src]

"Murray/Sly Tag Team" was a job for Murray and Sly Cooper in "Anatomy for Disaster" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Murray and Sly team up together to take down an engine room.


To prevent Clock-La from drawing power from the blimp, Murray and Sly team up to disable engine Alpha. According to Bentley, the engine room is locked down by five wall-mounted power stations located through the blimp. First, Murray needs to use his might and muscles to destroy those power stations, and then manually pry open the door for Sly.

Once that is taken care of, Sly is able to get inside the engine block. This engine room is packed with laser security, along with an electric floor at the top. Sly will need to carefully make his way to the far end of the bottom room, then jump up to the second floor. Once on the second floor, the engine control center is just opposite Sly's position. By doing some well-timed spire jumping, he accesses the control center and shuts down the engine.


  • Touching the electric floor causes instant death.
  • This episode's vault is in the control room of this engine block. It can be opened with the code, 7-2-5. Upon opening it, Sly will receive the Shadow Power move.