Breaker Alpha Foxtrot, this is the Wizard. Do you read me, Sitting Duck?
― Bentley to Sly during their museum break-in[src]

The Museum of Natural History is a location the Cooper Gang visits in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It is a museum located in Cairo, Egypt, and it was where Sly and the gang attempted to steal the Clockwerk parts in the introduction episode "A Shadow from the Past," during the first mission "Cairo Museum Break-In."

The museum was responsible for the attempted reconstruction of Clockwerk through the "Clockwerk Reconstruction Project."[1]


The museum is very large, spanning multiple city blocks. It contains many buildings and a courtyard. There is also a basement, though it is unknown if this basement is accessible to visitors or is just for servicing. The museum contains artifacts from all over the world, including (at one time) the whole body of Clockwerk, paintings of the Fiendish Five, concept art for the first game, and other things like a whale skeleton and palm trees. The Museum is guarded by a security force made up of pigs. These guards are never fought in the game and cannot be encountered.

Behind the scenesEdit


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