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Neyla: This is it. And remember, if push comes to shove I never showed you this door... and...
Sly: And...?
Neyla: And we're on for that date in Bollywood.
― After Neyla shows him the secret entrance to half of Clockwerk's heart[src]

"Neyla's Secret" was a job for Sly Cooper in "The Predator Awakes" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Sly follows Neyla to a secret entrance into Rajan's spice temple.


Neyla is offering her aid once again. Sly thanks her for not blowing his cover back at Rajan's party. She reveals to Sly that she knows of a secret entrance leading to one half of the Clockwerk heart, but she needs Sly to keep up while she leads him to the entrance. Sly also offers to take her on a date to Bollywood and she accepts after they both make it to the secret entrance.

Once inside, Sly sees the half of the heart still being suspended by the crank. Sly must pickpocket the two guards holding the keys. He then unlocks the crank and sets the Clockwerk Heart free. Once he grabs it, the spice will no longer be growing in this area any time soon.