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Nunavut Bay is a small town in Canada that served as the secret center of Jean Bison's spice shipping empire.


Nunavut Bay in 1852.

Nunavut Bay used to be a popular destination for rock climbers before it was occupied by Jean Bison who based his train empire in the area.  

As a member of the Klaww Gang, Bison took a part in the stealing of the Clockwerk Parts and got his hands on the Clockwerk Lungs and Stomach. He harnessed the parts as tireless power sources for his Iron Horse trains allowing them to run all night and all day. 

The Cooper Gang arrived in Nunavut to steal the Clockwerk Parts from Bison and to stop spice distribution in North America.  


The town of Nunavut Bay consists of various locations:

Train station[]

The heart of the town is its train station. It consists of various buildings and Iron Horse number 2 goes through it. The station allows visitors to arrive at the town.

The Control Center[]

This is a rustic cabin located on a small hill near the bear cave. It serves as the control center of Jean Bison's train empire and his personal office.


Along with the train empire control center, there are two more cabins in Nunavut Bay. Both are used to store one of the Iron Horse blueprints. The one on the mountainside is guarded by moose guards and the other on the bayside is guarded by geese and houses the vault of the episode.

Satellite mountain[]

In the middle of the area stands a tall, rock mountain equipped with a satellite dish. After stealing the Iron Horse blueprints, Sly climbed the mountain and used the dish to isolate and track the trains.


Next to the train station are the Nunavut Bay docks. The Cooper Gang's hideout was located in an old, large house in this area.

The cell[]

A small cell-like structure located on top of a hill near an icy pond that was used by Carmelita to house Murray after she had arrested him.

Bear cave[]

Located under the satellite mountain these caves are the home of the wild bears wandering around the Canadian wilderness.