That's the toughest talk you got?! You're pathetic. Back in my day we had enforcers that would make people pee their pants just as soon as look at 'em.
— Octavio to Sly after the latter tries to threaten him[src]

Don Octavio is a lion and the antagonist in An Opera of Fear of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. He is an opera singer and mob boss who planned to destroy many of Venice's landmarks as an attempt to gain attention for his opera, but the Cooper Gang intervened and he is currently doing time in prison.

He was voiced by David Scully.



Growing up, this guy used to be a real celebrity in the neighborhood, everyone loved to hear him sing opera and said he was destined to be the next great tenor...
— Sly

As a young lion, Octavio was in a world of fame, described as being popular in the neighborhood and famous for his opera singing. However, at the peak of his fame, musical taste changed to favor more modern genres, such as rock music, much to his dismay. With his dreams of an opera singing career gone, he was taken in by a group of fans (members of a mafia who recruited him into "the business") and at some point became associated with someone known as Giovanni.

Sly 3: Honor Among ThievesEdit

Octavio no background

An early design of Octavio

With the help of Giovanni, Octavio quickly rose to the rank of a Don. Despite being a powerful boss, he had big plans to restore opera in the streets of Venice. It apparently took several months to prepare. With the help of Giovanni, he secretly began pumping tar into the streets of Venice. The Venetian police caught on and Inspector Carmelita Fox had to look into it, believing Don Octavio to be a prime suspect. Surprisingly, the Guru also knew of the pollution in Venice and spoke of it to Murray, telling him not to return to Australia until he made "the black water run pure." Sly Cooper and Bentley caught up with Murray and realized that Don Octavio was behind Venice's tar problem. As Octavio went around pumping more tar into the streets of Venice, he was secretly being photographed by Sly, so the Cooper Gang had evidence to have him thrown in jail. However, this effort was futile as Octavio had men on the inside of the police station and they picked up the photos which led to Octavio working out that the Cooper Gang was behind it. In order for his plot to work, he needed to take care of one of his biggest threats, Carmelita, as she was apparently trying to receive a warrant to search his opera house which would be a critical blow to his operation. He hired the "Blue Viper Gondola Gang" to take care of her, but Sly and Bentley caught wind of what was going to happen and saved her life. They also took out his Ferris wheel which was being used to pump tar.

Though the Cooper Gang had thwarted some of his operation, Octavio's plan was nearing its final stage and all he needed to do now was to advertise his upcoming opera recital. Once the public shows up at it, he would then sink the buildings in Venice by detonating the tar-covered foundations until they agreed to his demands of loving opera again. The Cooper Gang attempted to take out his advertisements which gave Octavio the chance to confront Bentley and capture him. Sly chased Octavio across Venice until Octavio, realizing he couldn't shake Sly off his tail, threw Bentley at him, then fled inside his Opera House.

After this, the Cooper Gang managed to steal Octavio's Tar Pump Blueprints that he'd hidden behind paintings in three of his coffee houses. Realizing that his normal patrol wasn't enough, Octavio hired additional back-up who were similar to normal guards except with jetpacks. They were known as the Vincinetti Gang. Sly and Bentley couldn't fight them head on and had to manipulate Carmelita and her mercenaries to take them out. After that, Bentley convinced Murray to take to the field and take out some of Octavio's tar pumps.


Octavio in prison.

When the day of the Opera Recital arrived, Octavio was tricked into destroying his remaining tar drums by a disguised Sly, though it didn't matter as Octavio had already pumped out enough tar to start sinking buildings. Octavio then took to the stage but no one had shown up at the Opera Recital other than Bentley who challenged Octavio to a "sing-off" which was just a scheme to swipe the controls to sink buildings out of Octavio's hand whilst Sly dropped a chandelier on Octavio's head.

As the sing-off reached its climax, Octavio moved closer to Bentley in a plot to kill him, Bentley shouted "Now!" and Sly dropped the chandelier on his head as Octavio stood in a state of shock. Unfortunately, Carmelita destroyed the chandelier and informed Sly, Bentley and the Don they were under arrest. One of Octavio's underlings pulled up in a gondola and Octavio quickly jumped in and escaped, followed by Sly and Bentley. As the chase continued in the waters of Venice, Octavio began to bomb the waters, in an attempt to shake off Sly and Bentley's gondola. Eventually, Octavio's gondola engine fails, due to being shot multiple times and he and his underling crashed into the stage, resulting in his underling's death. Sly and Bentley pulled up on the bank next to it and confronted Octavio, telling him to give them the demolition switch and then they'd all ditch the cops. Octavio first insisted but when Murray said it was "so cool" that Octavio's gondola crashed into the opera stage he began sinking buildings. Bentley, infuriated by this, moved in closer to Octavio claiming him to be a monster, only to be kicked and sent flying. Sly backed up and asked for the help of Murray, who was on a rooftop above him. Octavio began to taunt Murray as Bentley weakly asked for help. Briefly struggling with the choice to help Bentley or abide by the Guru's teachings, an angry Murray leapt into battle and began fighting Octavio. Despite putting up a good fight, Octavio fell at the hands of Murray. Sly and Murray left him knocked out for the police to deal with then helped Bentley up from the floor. Octavio was left exhausted and captured by Carmelita. According to Sly, he was sentenced to up to thirty years in jail. Ironically, he met his long wanted fame as most of his old fan base was in the clink.


Physical appearanceEdit

Octavio is a lion with a black hat, black shirt, black pants with white stripes and has a white mask fitted on his face. He also has yellow hair and beard and brown fur.


Octavio, like most crime bosses, is cold, calculating and ruthless. He was willing to sink entire buildings just to make people listen to his opera. He also seemingly has no respect for others, kidnapping Bentley, trying to have Carmelita killed, taunting Murray into fighting, and have one of own boys "whacked" for not keeping in touch with the orchestra.


Octavio is a master vocalist, even managing to manipulate the sound waves into a form of attack. He is shown to be a skilled fighter, an expert at hand-to-hand combat with enough strength to hold his own against Murray. Possibly his most remarkable ability in his old age is his speed and agility, as he's able to scale buildings with ease, turn backflips, and is so fast that he can only be hit when the ground is soaked with tar in order to slow him down.

Don Octavio's goonsEdit

Don Octavio has three basic goons: cats, pigeons, and cane corsos. As his underlings in the mob, they are all seen wearing masks that resemble those worn in masquerade balls. They can only be found in Venice.


They have two ways that they will attack: throwing sparklers or bombs. If you are out of range they will throw rocks at you.


Pigeons are the goons that can breath fire with torches in a continuous cycle. When you're close to them, they'll give you a spinning headbutt, which deals quite a bit of damage. Like the cats, they will throw rocks at you if you are out of range. On average they will do more damage than the cats.

Cane corsos

Dogs carry guns that launch fireworks at you. These guards are tough, so it's best to take them out stealthily. Only three of these guards have actual names: Tony B. (a.k.a. Tony "The Killer" B.), Julius and Antoni. Bentley also uses these guards in the Hazard Room. Don Octavio seems to take pride in them.



  • The tragic backstory of Octavio is an obvious allusion to the real-world music industry. In modern times, especially in America and some other countries, opera is fading in popularity to other genres such as rock and hip-hop, which Octavio is shown to hate throughout the game.
  • His name is probably based off the musical term "octave," the interval between one musical pitch and another with double or half its frequency. It could also be a pun to the character Don Ottavio in Mozart's opera Don Giovanni, as the pronunciation is practically identical.
    • His name in the Italian version of the game is, in fact, Ottavio.
  • While Sly said Octavio is a tenor during your battle with him, he hits notes that are more associated with a bass singer.
  • The mask Octavio wears is a reference to the famous Phantom of the Opera.
  • Octavio can occasionally be heard humming the melody to the overture of "The Barber of Seville" by Gioachino Rossini.
  • When Octavio sings, his sound damages your health by 25%. It is most likely due to the high pitch sound that can damage the target's ears.
  • Don Octavio is seen in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time during the opening cutscene. Murray has him in a headlock, arm reared back for a punch. Strangely enough, it seems like the design was based on his beta version rather than the final one, as he has white facial hair and a red cape, but no hat or mask.
  • Octavio's voice actor, David Scully, also voices other characters in the series, including Sir RaleighDimitri, Rajan, and Captain LeFwee.
  • Octavio is one of three villains that received known sentences in prison, the others being Mz. Ruby and Cyrille Le Paradox.
    • Octavio is the only villain that received a known amount of years in prison, notably 30 years of imprisonment.


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