Octavio's opera house is a large building located in Venice, Italy. It served as the main base of operations for Octavio and his mobsters in An Opera of Fear of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


It is a large building that sports a glass dome at the top, similar to Police Headquarters, but more oval-shaped. It has two different entrances, which are the front door and the hatch on the right side of the building, inside a fenced-in garden.

On the inside are several security doors, staircases and hallways. There is also a large room filled with water, with a several canoes and crates floating in it. There is also a pump room, which was being protected by Octavio's men, as he did not want any part of his operation sabotaged down there.


Into the DepthsEdit

See: Into the Depths

The opera house was raided by Sly Cooper and Bentley, who were trying to hack Octavio's computer, thereby gaining information on his tar pumping scheme. The building was filled with guards, and also had a few double-lock security doors, which had switches that needed to be pressed simultaneously to open. Once Sly and Bentley reached the computer, Sly had to defend Bentley from reinforcements, while Bentley hacked the system.

Operation: Tar-Be Gone!Edit

See: Operation: Tar-Be Gone!

During the first part of the gang's heist, Sly and Bentley once again had to break into the opera house. Sly had to use his Venice disguise to get inside through the front door. Once inside, Sly was to keep his disguise on and head down into the pump room to let Bentley in through the side door.

Along the way, he ran into Octavio, who didn't recognize him and asked for a password. After getting the password correct, Sly asked him for help opening the door leading to the basement. Octavio delightfully offered to get the door open for him. Once through, Sly head down to the pump room and let Bentley in. Bentley's task was to bomb the six tar pipes in order for the tar vacuum to lose its suction. Once again, Sly had to defend Bentley from the guards, who were alerted by the bombs.

After all pipes were destroyed, the vacuum was destroyed, and Sly and Bentley exited the opera house. The opera house was left abandoned after Octavio's defeat and incarceration.




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