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The villainous stench of Le Paradox hung over the entire area. We didn't know what was going on yet, but we knew it wasn't good.
― Sly, from the episode's introduction[src]

"Of Mice and Mechs" is the fourth episode in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It takes place in Medieval England, and the main antagonist is Penelope, who at first was disguised as the Black Knight.



The Cooper Gang time travels to Medieval England to locate Sly's ancestor, Sir Galleth Cooper. They find out that he is being imprisoned and reduced to performing in a circus by a villain known as the Black Knight.

Meanwhile, Bentley is still thinking about Penelope, and is pretty worried. They hope to find some answers on her whereabouts soon, but first, they have to head for the circus and find Sir Galleth.


Job name Completed by
"Shopping Spree" Sly, Bentley
Sly must steal items from different stores to create the Archer Costume.
"Juggling Act" Sly
Sly must don his costume and enter the circus to find Sir Galleth.
"Cane Swipe" Sly, Bentley
Sly must free Galleth's cane from the case of the Black Knight.
"Eye in the Sky" Sir Galleth
Galleth must destroy the Black Knight's balloon surveillance system.
"Mechanical Menace" Galleth, Carmelita
Galleth ventures into the tavern to take down a Moat Monster.
"Short Supply" Murray, Bentley, Sly, Galleth
The gang must work together to shut down the Black Knight's operation.
"Shell Shocked Heart" Sly, Bentley
Bentley heads into the Blacksmith's shop to tail the Black Knight.
"Hard Target" Galleth, Sly
Sly and Sir Sir Galleth work together to acquire a bottle of magic powder.
"Operation: Mousetrap" Murray, Sly, Bentley
Without Bentley, the gang storms into the fort to take down the Black Knight.


After Penelope's defeat, the gang receives a transmission from Dimitri. They decipher it and realize it is Sly's ancestor, Salim al-Kupar. They need to get to Ancient Arabia right away. This time, Carmelita provided the solution. Before she was captured by Le Paradox back at the museum, she managed to pocket a gold Arabian coin as evidence. That coin is exactly what they need.

As the gang time travels to Ancient Arabia, everyone keeps a close eye on Bentley, who downplayed his heroics and refused to acknowledge that he saved his friends. Sly sensed a new confidence in Bentley, which he figured he got from finally confronting his personal demons. Despite being through so much, he bounced back stronger than ever. The gang was lucky to have him back, as they were going to need every ounce of his new-bound strength to take down Le Paradox.


Trophy RiseAndShine.png
Sly! Come in! Sly! Do you read me?
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After collecting all 30 Clue bottles throughout town, crack the hidden safe, and you will receive Sir Raleigh's Frog Hat.


  • The title of this episode is the same as the title of the Black Knight's boss theme.
  • The title is a play on the popular book, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.
    • The title also gives note to two of the things featured in this episode - Penelope as the villain, and the robots she created, including the Mech Wolves and the Black Knight's suit of armor.
    • According to screenshots of an early debug menu, this episode was originally called "Holy Grail Robin."
  • This is the only episode in which Bentley has no jobs available, though he has parts in other missions.
  • This episode features loading screen messages specific to the episode and appear in no others.
  • This episode features Clockwerk on one of the castle's tower spires, hinting at Sir Galleth’s demise by his hand.