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Sly: See that old bear down there? His name is Grizzle Face, the guards ignore him because he's blind and practically nerve dead... except for his sense of smell. If that old guy smells fish there's no stopping him. Use Grizzle Face to take out the oil mains.
Murray: But I don't smell like fish... do I? How can I lure him around?
― Talking about Grizzle Face[src]

"Old Grizzle Face" was a job for Murray in "Menace from the North, eh!" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


The oil mains are too strong for Murray to destroy himself. Use fish to lure a bear to them so he can destroy them for you.


In order to get an eagle egg, Murray must destroy all the local oil mains. As Murray's fists can't punch through metal, the gang uses another technique: a blind, nerve-dead bear with an extraordinary sense of smell. If he catches the scent of fish, he will come running. To lure the bear, Bentley will put explosives into the water to blow the fish sky high so they can land near Murray for him to pick up. Then, he must toss the fish at the oil mains so that Old Grizzle Face can destroy it.


  • By default, the bear can hear and see, but after completion of this mission, the bear will remain not being able to hear, but will still be able to see you. The bear will return to default if the game is reset or exit a building.
  • While you're in the mission, the Bear will never attack you, even if you're holding a fish. Before and after the mission, however, the Bear will attack you if it sees you.