Sly, I've been talking to Salim, and it's obvious that outfit is the key to his success. He claims the outfit was made by a real genie, and that it can actually slow time. Fascinating! I wonder if it somehow influenced your ancestor Matthew de la Coopeur and his slow motion technique.
― Bentley[src]

"Open Sesame" was a job for Sly Cooper in 40 Thieves of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


After losing a small fortune betting on the camel races, Salim al-Kupar had to pawn his Thief Costume. The shopkeeper of the pawn shop only accepted payment in the form of flawless gemstones—three, to be exact—so if Sly was to obtain the outfit and gain Salim's trust, he would have to collect those gemstones. Sly collected the three red gems from the camel statues on the city walls, which were the only places that they could be found.

Sly returned to the shop and the two bartered for the costume. Using the three gems, he purchased the Thief Costume and put it on. Almost immediately, a guard spotted Sly and ran toward him. Sly inadvertently used the costume's ability of slowing down time to defeat the guard.

Bentley told Sly that Cyrille Le Paradox was currently meeting with Miss Decibel, and Sly decided to eavesdrop. The two discussed the forgeries that Salim's gang members were producing (which would make Le Paradox royalty in the present), but despite the high quality, Decibel's men were running out of supplies to feed them. Le Paradox promised to send a delivery boy with the desired delicacies and Sly took the opportunity to impersonate one in order to obtain the location of Salim's friends.

Using the Thief Costume and his fake Italian accent that he developed while in Venice,[1] Sly entered the tent where the Le Paradox and Decibel waited and proved that he was sent by the delivery service by reciting the usual orders (which he learned by eavesdropping). Believing he was genuine, they gave Sly the delivery locations.



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