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I have no idea what you're saying. And your suit sucks!
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Sly: That was some fancy flying "little friend."
Bentley: Whatever you say "Poodle."
― After Bentley shoots down Neyla

"Operation: "Choo-Choo"" was the heist job completed by Sly Cooper, Bentley and Murray in "He Who Tames the Iron Horse" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Use the handcar to catch up with Iron Horse No. 3 and steal the Clockwerk Lungs and Stomach.


The Cooper Gang boarded the unlocked hand car and used it to catch up with Iron Horse No. 3. When they finally caught up, Sly headed in through the caboose and made his way through the interior, while Bentley and Murray stayed behind on the hand car.

After making his way past several of Jean Bison's guards, Sly reached the train car where Bison himself was. He was able to sneak by, but was then confronted by Neyla on her new aircraft. Neyla challenged Sly to fight her, but Sly instead contacted his "little friends", as Neyla put it, for backup.

Bentley launched his RC chopper and caught Neyla by surprise. They both exchanged gunfire until Bentley was able to severely damage Neyla's aircraft, upon which she retreated. With the path clear, Sly continued through the train. When he reached the engine, he found that the Clockwerk Stomach had been bolted into it. As Bentley prepared to drop a bomb down the smoke-stack to crack the engine block, he was interrupted by Neyla. In a final battle, Bentley destroyed Neyla's aircraft. As she flew out of control, Neyla proclaimed that no one would stop her. Bentley proceeded with the bombing and blasted the Stomach free. Then, Sly stole the stomach and escaped.


With the successful outcome of the heist, all of Jean Bison's Clockwerk Parts now belonged to the Cooper Gang. In addition, they managed to put Bison's three Iron Horse trains out of commission and shut down spice shipment across North America.