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Enjoy the moment while yah think you've still got a chance... it's as close to winning as you'll ever get!
― Jean Bison, before the competition begins[src]

"Operation: Canada Games" was the heist job for Bentley, Murray and Sly Cooper in "Menace from the North, eh!" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


The Cooper Gang heads over to Jean Bison to enter the Lumberjack Games with the intent of winning the Clockwerk talons, with Sly keeping a low profile to keep Bison from recognizing him.

Bison is glad to let fellow lumberjacks into the games, as long as they pay the entry fee. The gang pays, then take their places. The first event is a power-chopping contest, which Murray enters. He chops the log and receives three tens from the judges. As Bison attempts the contest, Bentley sneaks up to him and places the eagle egg, which the gang had stolen earlier,[1] in his pocket, dodging angry eagles all along the way. After he places the egg in Bison's pocket, the eagles attack him, causing him to get three zeros from the judges. Threatening them, the judges give him three tens.

The second contest is an ice wall climbing contest. Sly takes his position and climbs the wall, using wall hooks and his climbing canes within the time limit, receiving three tens. As Bison climbs, Murray shoots three grappling hooks at him, which pull him off the wall. He again receives three zeros, and again threatens the guards, changing their scores to tens.

The spinning log contest now takes place, with Bentley at the helm. He jumps from log to log as they go below the water, lasting out the clock and adding three more tens to the Cooper Gang's score. As Bison takes his turn, the gang discusses his cheating ways, and realize that no matter how they sabotage him, he would intimidate the guards into still giving him a perfect score. Sly comes up with the idea to lure the guards into a cave, where they will beat them up and take their clothes and places at the judges table.

Sly uses the Alarm Clock gadget to lure each of the guards away, hiding in a barrel as they go into the cave. After luring all three guards into the cave, the disguised gang members take their places at the table, and give three zeros. Bison warns them, but then realizes that they aren't the judges he hired. He then tells them to just take the talons, and throws his cane (with talons attached) at them, knocking them all out.


  • The judges should have seen Murray and Bentley sabotaging Bison in the game.
  • If one listens closely as Bison is climbing the ice wall, he can be heard making the same noises as Dimitri Lousteau.