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Sly: There's nowhere left to run. We both know I can beat you in a fight... so why don't you just hand over the Eye.
Contessa: You're right Cooper, in a battle of strength you've proven yourself... but with this Clockwerk Eye I can battle in your mind!
― Just before fighting for a second time[src]

"Operation: High Road" was the heist job for Murray, Sly Cooper, and Bentley in "A Tangled Web" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


It is time for the gang to save Carmelita, steal the Clockwerk eyes, stop the Contessa, and put an end to all of the confusion once and for all.


Murray starts off by shutting down the spotlights on the main bridge using the codes provided by General Clawfoot. Next, Bentley orders Neyla's forces to attack the castle, while he and Sly head inside the castle to free Carmelita. Bentley hacks the terminal to free her, allowing her to chase out the Contessa. They blow the Clockwerk Eyes off of the mind shuffler. Neyla shows up and takes one of the eyes. Sly chases after her, while Bentley escapes on the blimp with the other one.

After Sly chases Neyla down and grabs the eye, it is now Bentley's turn to clear the skies of Neyla's bombers. Once done, he heads for the rendezvous, but Carmelita, who is still chasing the Contessa, shoots down the blimp, sending it crashing down onto the side of a wall.

Sly then attempts to fight the Contessa. He successfully defeats her, but she gets up, pushes Sly out of the way, and takes the eye. Carmelita also steals Bentley's eye and tries to escape in one of the Contessa's tanks. It is up to Murray to shoot down her tank and steal the eye back before she crosses the main bridge.

After that, all that is left is for Sly to defeat the Contessa in one more round to get the other eye back, but this time he must also avoid her hypnosis. Once he successfully defeats her, he takes the eye and the heist is complete.


  • When Sly gives Bentley a piggyback ride to the Contessa's blimp, Bentley's model inexplicably shrinks for the entire ride.
  • When you finish destroying Neyla's bombers, you will sometimes see one still flying briefly before it shifts to the next scene.
  • Since Murray shuts off the spotlights on the bridge, you no longer have to avoid them when returning to the episode.
  • Even after Bentley blows the Clockwerk Eyes off the mind shuffler, they are still seen on the machine during the cutscene when Sly chases Neyla out of the room.