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Bentley: This is bad! We need a new strategy and fast. Force just isn't working.
Sly: Time to stop running and deal with the real problem... pry off that Mask of Dark Earth and maybe we'll get back the Carmelita we all know and love.
― Devising a plan to remove the Mask of Dark Earth from a gigantic Carmelita[src]

"Operation: Moon Crash" was a job for Sly Cooper, Bentley and the Guru in "Rumble Down Under" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


It is now time to destroy the Mask of Dark Earth. After that, the Guru will join the team for the Cooper Vault job.


As the miners are beginning to pack it in, the gang prepares for their heist. The Guru exits his hut, and Bentley explains the situation to him.

The first thing to do here is destroy the gyrocopter. It is up to the Guru to destroy it while it's refueling. He is up for it, but the only problem is that the chopper has a sensor that can detect the Guru's moonstone, which may be how he got himself captured earlier.[1] If he gets detected, the chopper will take off out of reach. For this part of the heist, he needs to run guards towards it, then jump off early, letting them run into the chopper. After running three guards into the chopper, it explodes and the skies are now clear.

Murray has been coned in the glowing oil and now hangs from the crane, ready to drop down and obliterate the mask. Bentley tells everyone to look out for the mask to make sure it takes the bait. Unfortunately, Carmelita finally managed to track down the gang's location and is now in the area searching for them. She is then alerted by their presence, and then spots them from above a rock. Since the gang cannot call off the heist, Bentley insists they give her a wide berth, and that they keep looking out for the mask. He feels the mask is getting closer. A flashlight dingo wearing the mask suddenly appears, and the Guru gives Murray the signal. Murray drops down from the crane and smushes the dingo. Unable to see from his position, Bentley asks if the mask is gone. Sly moves in to get a closer look.

Unfortunately, the mask escapes destruction once again, and then things suddenly take a turn for the worst when the mask attaches to Carmelita's face. Sly moves in and sees the mask on Carmelita. Sly tells her she has a little something on her face, which she takes as an insult. She then becomes enlarged, and says she should crush Sly. As she chases Sly around the Outback, Bentley must keep his position by the crane and shoot five sleep darts at Carmelita to sedate her. However, the chemicals in the darts seem to interact with the mask, and make her even bigger. Sly stands there in shock as she grows to gigantic size. The gang heads for the big truck and tries to get some distance between them and her, with hope that she shrinks down with time. They motor back out to Ayers Rock with her following them.

Once there, she chases them around in circles, carrying a rig full of dynamite. Sly must once again use the SuperClaw 10,000 to keep the explosives off the truck, and also throw them back at her to get her to back off. However, she is too big for the gang to outrun her, so they try to resort to other methods. Sly insists they stop running and deal with the real problem - the mask. They need to figure out how they can get up to Carmelita's face to detach the mask. Bentley insists that Sly climbs up Carmelita, which Sly agrees to. However, Murray believes that's a crazy idea, and insists they use a giant fighting robot. However, they have no choice but to go with the climbing plan.

Sly runs out into the field, and then Carmelita's ape mercenaries arrive to giver her support. Sly runs towards Carmelita as her mercenaries are firing at him. Both sides of the mask are latched on with only one hook. Sly climbs up both sides of Carmelita to hang off the hooks, forcing her to swat at him and knock the hooks off. The mask then falls off, and she shrinks back down. Her mercenaries gather around the mask and shoot at it until it blows up. The blast blows away all four of them.

Now that the mask is history and the miners' are scared off, the Australian Outback is now empty of the miners' drilling. The Guru then joins the gang in their next journey.