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Bentley: Behold the majesty of gravity and inertia.
Sly: That was real subtle, Bentley.
― After the sign is pulled down[src]

"Operation: Thunder Beak" was the heist job for the Cooper Gang in "The Black Chateau" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


The main objective of this operation was to get the Clockwerk tail feathers and to destroy Dimitri's counterfeiting operation.


First, Bentley and Murray began the mission by heading to the old water tower. After defeating the two rats that stood watch over the tower, Bentley used his bombs to blast open the small tube that led inside the tower, Murray tossed him up to it. Inside, Bentley turned the valves to redirect the water from the fountain, which caused Dimitri to send out a repairman. As he proceeded to the repair truck, Sly picked his pocket for the truck's key, then returned back to the fountain to exchange items with Bentley and Murray.

The destruction of the fountain

Bentley and Murray went for the truck and drove it to the fountain area, while Sly climbed his way to the top of the peacock sign. Murray launched the hook up to Sly so that the latter could attach it to the sign. With the hook in place, Sly slid down on the rope towards the truck. As soon as he got to the bottom, rats began approaching from both directions, attempting to sabotage the truck. After Sly defeated them all, the peacock sign was pulled down onto the fountain, smashing it and creating a hole that would allow Sly to reach the printing press room.