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Contessa: Such displaced hostility. If you insist on being angry why not be psychologically productive and channel it at your so called friends?
Murray: I'm done talking with my mouth! Now I talk with my fists!!
Contessa: Sorry, but our time is up.
― Contessa and Murray, after he is broken out of Cell Block D

"Operation: Trojan Tank" was the heist job for Sly Cooper, Bentley and Murray in "Jailbreak" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Bentley and Sly are now ready to break Murray out of jail, in a plan Bentley calls "The Trojan Tank."


Use one of the Contessa's tanks to secretly get into the prison and break Murray out.
― In-Game Description

Bentley heads for the tank. Once inside, Sly follows by hiding out beneath the tank and crawls underneath it as Bentley rolls into the prison. The guards open up the prison gate as they approach the entrance. Before Bentley blows the doors to the prison open, Sly gets out from underneath the tank. After Bentley blows the doors open, Sly heads inside, with Bentley coming in after him.

Once inside, Sly heads to the bottom floor and meets Bentley there. The guard's control center is right above them, but Bentley sees no way for Sly to get up there. This is no problem for Sly, as thinking on his feet is what he does best. Despite cutting the power on the bridge, Bentley discovers that a few lights seem to have a back-up generator. Sly must carefully make his way up there by climbing up the walkways, fighting several guards, and avoiding some spotlights along the way. Once he gets to the control center, he knocks out the guard, and puts in the code to open up the gate leading to solitary confinement.

Sly heads down and meets Bentley in the room. They observe Murray's weird, twitchy movements. It is clear that they will need to free him the hard way. In the room are four hypno-boxes that are designed to heighten the effects of spice. Given that Murray is already in an agitated state, he will become wildly hostile and break down the door if they can turn them all on. To do this, Sly must input a code into each of the four power switches, which are defended by laser barriers. When Sly gets near them, Bentley will hack the terminal to shut off the lasers, allowing Sly to input the codes. Once all hypno-boxes are on, Murray becomes hostile and busts through the door, just like Bentley suspected. Since the hypno-boxes are too sturdy for Sly's cane, he must lure Murray into each one to smash them to pieces. Once they are all destroyed, Murray breaks out of his spice rage, and asks if he's in heaven. Bentley tells him to just take a few breaths and try to center his thoughts.

The Contessa then shows up at the gate and sees that Murray has been freed. Murray shows Sly and Bentley that he still has the other half of the Clockwerk heart, saying it was hard to hide from the Contessa. He then sees her escaping, and lifts the crank bars to open the gate. The three of them chase after her along the walls of the prison. As they chase her, she deploys several explosive spiders, which the gang must destroy quickly. She then manages to escape on her getaway blimp, much to Murray's disappointment. Despite this, the gang is back together, and the Contessa will not stand a chance against them.


  • The mission name is a reference to the Trojan Horse, a method of infiltration used by the Greeks. Sly and Bentley use a similar method to enter the Contessa's prison.