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"Operation: Turbo Dominant Eagle" was the heist job for the Cooper Gang in "Flight of Fancy" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


The Cooper Gang is now ready to take out the Black Baron and win the ACES competition. Once accomplished, Penelope will be able to join them.


Sly Cooper heads to the top of the Baron's castle to start the heist. The B-Champs round then begins. With the two team going at it, Sly will be able to sneak onto each gunship and plant the trackers without being detected. The trackers are very sensitive to extreme changes and altitude and must be kept at high elevation to stay intact. After planting the trackers on each gunship, Sly flies back to the team hangar to suit up for the finals.

While Sly prepares for take-off, Murray must use the rowboat to pull apart the three pillars holding up the aircraft communication antenna. As he does this, he must be very cautious of the falling planes, however, they provide excellent cover for this part of the heist.

With the structure destroyed, the Baron will have to use an unscrambled radio frequency to call in the gunships for backup. If that happens, Bentley will be prepared with his "secret weapon", a windmill propeller. With the tracking devices installed on the gunships, there is no guarantee he will miss.

Sly is now at the top of the ramp ready to fly off. Before he does, Bentley tells him to look for the Baron and take him out to win the competition. Sly flies off and tells him he'll see him at the winner's circle.

Once he's at the arena, he searches for the Baron, who is in a black plane with flashing lights. He shoots down his plane until it is disabled. The Baron then calls in the gunships, along with a spare jet. Bentley hacks one of the windmills in the arena, causing its propeller to fly off and hurl into the gunships, blowing them up and knocking them out of the air.

The Baron then realizes his plane needs a repair and flies his plane above the wing of his jet to jump onto it. Sly flies in after him to stop him from cheating. Since the winner has yet to decided, the two decide to settle it by engaging in a physical battle on the wing of the plane. Once Sly gives the Baron one last fatal blow, it causes his mask to melt in a puff of smoke. It is then revealed to be Penelope, who was the Baron all along. She explains to Sly how relieved she is, as she figured someone was probably bound to found out sooner or later. Sly asks why and she decides to wait for the plane to land so the two can talk on the ground where it is safe.


  • This is the only heist in the game to not feature the three original gang members together on the job completion screen.