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The mouth is open, you're all clear to bring in the Cherry Bomb 500.
― Murray to Sly, after he opens the temple's mouth[src]

"Operation: Wet Tiger" was a job for the whole Cooper Gang in "The Predator Awakes" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Since partial flooding didn't work, the gang must flood the whole jungle to force Rajan out of hiding, so they can swipe his half of the Clockwerk heart.


Bentley and Murray meet up near the tower. Bentley sets up shop within the chopper perched at the top of the tower, while Murray's task is to head down into the temple and activate the lever to open up the elephant's mouth for Sly. Unfortunately, as he does this, Rajan alerts his guards that the temple facade is under assault and orders them to put down the attack by sending in a bunch

Bentley shoots the Hunter-Seeker Bombs.

of hunter seeker bombs on Murray. Bentley must use the chopper's turret to destroy the bombs before they hit Murray or he will be unable to open the mouth. Once the coast is clear, Murray finishes lifting the lever and opens the elephant's mouth.

After Murray lifts the mouth completely open, Sly jumps into the Cherry Bomb 500, and walks it over to the mouth. Once Sly gets into the mouth, he plants the bomb in front of the dam door, then jump out of the bomb. Sly and Murray escape from the blast's radius before the Cherry Bomb blows. Once the door is destroyed, waters spills out everywhere and starts flooding up the temple. Rajan then exits the temple and, noticing the flooding water, jumps up to the top of the tower of the elephant statue. He then becomes enraged that his temple has been ruined and yells at the Cooper Gang to come face up.