The Original Cooper Gang

The original Cooper Gang was Conner Cooper's gang. It consisted of him and two other members, McSweeney the walrus, and Dr. M the mandrill. Conner played the main field job as Sly Cooper did. McSweeney played the same role as Murray does as he was the strength of the gang. Dr. M was the brains of the operation much like Bentley is in the current Cooper Gang.



Conner met McSweeney & Dr. M, they did jobs all over the world, eventually getting to the height of the second Cooper gang.


The original Cooper Gang had some good heists together until Dr. M. felt as if he was being treated as a side-kick to Conner, so he left the gang and turned against Conner and McSweeney. Later, Conner was killed by the Fiendish Five and with McSweeney saddened, he turned himself in to Heathrow Penitentiary.

Current statusEdit

The gang is extinct and McSweeney is the only member still alive; Dr. M died in the Cooper Vault & Sly is the heir of the member who formed it.



  • The gang's members are each associated with the three main characters of Rocket: Robot on Wheels besides Rocket himself: Jojo the Raccoon, Whoopie the Walrus, and the Scientist.
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