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A fishing pole, with a magnet?
― Sly Cooper remarking on the device.[1]

The Pick Pocket Pole, or PPP, known in-game as the Fishing Pole, was a gadget that Bentley used in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. It was available from the beginning of the game as a default power-up.


The Pick Pocket Pole was a fishing rod wired to Bentley's wheelchair that was used for pickpocketing. Its "hook" was a magnet that attracted coins and loot. The pole had to be assigned to a power-up button (l1, l2, or r2) in order to use it. The assigned button had to be held to keep the pole active. When in use, the pole lifted up and allowed the magnet to latch onto a nearby guard's pocket if it had anything valuable inside. If the magnet latched on, Bentley then had to pull away from the guard, either by directly moving away or waiting for the guard to continue walking, to reel in the valuables. Bentley replaced the PPP with twin mechanical arms in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


  • If the Pick Pocket Pole is used while falling, Bentley will fall at a much slower speed, giving him the appearance of floating.