Sly Cooper picking the pocket of a guard.

Pickpocketing is the ability to pick coins and loot out of a guard's pocket. In Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Sly Cooper is the only character who can pickpocket, and he uses his cane to do so. In Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, Bentley and Murray also get the ability to pickpocket, though not in the same way that Sly pickpockets.

To pickpocket a guard, the character must not be alerted by any guards. Guards will usually have coins along with their loot, so coins may also be obtained when pickpocketing.

In Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Sly, Bentley, Murray and the ancestors can pickpocket.


Sly and the ancestorsEdit

To pickpocket, Sly needs to get near the guard's pocket and press CircleButton to swipe something out. While behind a guard, Sly will enter into his "Stealth Stance", where he is crouching. He will pickpocket with the crook of his cane. In Thieves in Time, Sly's ancestors can also pickpocket guards, using the same rules as Sly.


In Sly 3, Bentley can pickpocket once he has obtained the Pick Pocket Pole, or P-P-P for short. It needs to be assigned to a button (L1Button, L2Button, or R2Button) via the Gadget Grid, where it is listed as "Fishing Pole," in order to use it. When Bentley is close enough to a guard, hold the assigned button, and then move back (or stay still if the guard is moving forward). The coins will come automatically. Bentley can also shoot a sleep dart at an enemy and then pickpocket them.

In Thieves in Time, Bentley uses the robotic arms in his wheelchair to pickpocket guards instead of the Pick Pocket Pole. Here, Bentley's version of pickpocketing is exactly the same as Sly's version, right down to pressing CircleButton to pickpocket.


Unlike Sly and Bentley, Murray's version of pickpocketing is more overt. It does not matter whether Murray has alerted guards or not to pickpocket, unless he wants to pickpocket a flashlight guard, in which he must not alert them. In Sly 3, while behind a guard, uppercut him with the TriangleButton, then grab him out of the air with the CircleButton. While in Murray's grasp, press CircleButton multiple times to shake the guard loose of his coins and loot. If a foe is on the ground and dazed, Murray can stomp to pick up his victim by pressing CircleButton, before proceeding to press it again to pickpocket.

In Thieves in Time, Murray retains the ability to pickpocket, but with a few changes. Since Murray cannot perform uppercuts in this game, Murray's stomp (CircleButton) has been buffed to allow him to pick up foes in the same way he would an object. As with Sly 3, Murray has to press CircleButton while carrying a guard to start shaking loose coins. However, you cannot steal loot from guards by default. In order to be able to steal loot, you will need to purchase the Looty Shake power-up from ThiefNet.


  • Any guard can be pickpocketed, including Carmelita.
  • In Thieves in Time, Carmelita is the only character that cannot pickpocket.
  • In Sly 2, Bentley can sell the loot Sly obtains on ThiefNet for coins, while from Sly 3 forward, the items' value is automatically added to the player's coins.
  • In Sly 3, the coins that Murray shakes out of a guard drop to the ground, making it necessary to collect the coins after shaking them out. This can lead to situations where the dropped coins are unobtainable, such as shaking a guard while facing and standing near open water, or while right next to a wall.