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The pirate ship was a mode of transportation for the Cooper Gang and other pirates in "Dead Men Tell No Tales," and exclusively the Cooper Gang in "Honor Among Thieves" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. It has six cannons on either side, and is used for ship-to-ship combat as well as traveling to locations that are too far away to reach by other methods. The Pirate Ship is also used as a safe house inside the deck when the ship was not on sailing mode.


The Cooper Gang first obtained the ship in the mission "X Marks the Spot." Sly had to steal the pirate ship from Captain LeFwee in order to sail to Dagger Island. Later, Dimitri Lousteau collected blast caps for the cannons in order to improve their effectiveness in the mission "Deep Sea Danger."

The ship then was used to defeat LeFwee's elite ships and during "Operation: Reverse Double-Cross." After that, the gang used the ship to sail to Kaine Island. Because of the ship's construction out of wood, it did not get attached to the metal buoys that Dr. M had set up to trap ships. In the mission "Danger in the Skies," the ship was equipped with a "biplane launcher," which was used by Sly Cooper to get his biplane into the air with little to no runway space.

The current status of the ship is unknown, but considering that it is the only mode of transportation back from Kaine Island, Bentley may have stored it somewhere for later use.


Capturing or sinking other pirate ships increases the Cooper Gang's reputation in the sea. There are 10 attainable ranks.

The Battle Results screen showing Powder Monkey being one of the several possible rankings.

Rank Total ships sank + captured
Landlubber 0-5
Swabbie 6-13
Picaroon 14-21
Powder Monkey 22-29
Coxswain 30-35
First Mate 36-41
Quartermaster 42-51
Captain 52-60
Notorious Pirate 61-69
Dread Pirate 70+


  • While in the Pirate Ship's safe house, only Sly can be selected to be on the ship's deck.
  • Following the completion of the episode "Dead Man Tell No Tales," the pirate ship can be found anchored far from the dock and can be accessed at any time. Only Sly can reach the ship however, as the only way on board is via a tight rope suspended above the sea.