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Prizes are unlockable items in Bentley's Hackpack. All sixty-five prizes are showcased at the prize gallery in Bentley's Arcade. Many of them make references to other Sly Cooper games, and all but the final prize, which unlocks a fourth arcade machine, have no purpose other than for viewing pleasure.

Prizes can be unlocked with tokens. Tokens are obtained by playing and completing challenges on the three arcade machines: System Cracker, Alter Ego, and Spark Runner. The "8-Bit" prizes, which are boxed differently than the rest of the prizes, each require tokens from a specific arcade machine. Tokens are not spent when unlocking prizes.

List of prizesEdit

Prize Tokens Prize Tokens
Sly Cooper Coin 2 Rabbit Foot 110
Clue Bottle 4 Horseshoe 115
Sly Cooper Safe 5 "Keep Out!" Sign 120
Halloween Mask 6 Mammoth Skull 125
Treasure Chest 7 Pirate Ship 130
Wonder Goat 8 Money Sack 135
Crossed Canes 9 Elephant Statue 140
Puzzled Cow 10 Paddle 145
Boar Guard 11 Time Machine 150
Bonsai Tree 12 Phonograph 155
"The Money Makers" 13 Carmelita's Boots 160
Lily Cactus 15 Pizza Slice 165
Shock Pistol 17 Destruction Device 175
Egan Eel 19 Hair of the Cat 185
Catapult 20 Frosty Mug 195
Circus Car 22 Archer Hat 205
Cooper Keys 25 Scimitar Rack 210
Thievius Raccoonus 30 Shuriken Target 220
Fisherman Statue 35 Penguin Totem 230
Jibble Eggs 40 Circus Banner 244
8-Bit Bentley 25 (SR) Bentley's Shell 250
8-Bit Dimitri 55 (SR) Temporal Sprocket 260
8-Bit Murray 40 (AE) Wrestling Belt 275
8-Bit Carmelita 30 (SC) Sushi 285
8-Bit Sly 50 (SC) Sword Rack 295
Bentley Token 45 Murray's Tools 300
Penelope Token 55 Wanted Poster 305
Murray Token 65 Sly's Backpack 307
Carmelita Token 75 Bentley's Computer 308
Sly Token 85 Turtle Radio 309
Camel Carpet 95 Time Machine Plans 310
Fossil 100 Special Arcade Key 311
Pinky the Pig 105

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