That blimp looks like the most secured location on this boat. If Raleigh's really as smart as the police file suggests, then that's where I'll find him.
― Sly, upon entering Raleigh's hideout[src]

"Prowling the Grounds" was the main hub of "Tide of Terror" in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Sly followed the path to a large, open area where he found Raleigh's boat. Sly took another look at the storm machine and assumed it was the most secured location on the boat, and it would be where he would find Raleigh. While Bentley believed it was a good idea, he pointed out the flaws in his plan. First, Sly first would need to destroy an electric generator that was powering an electric tube, which would lead him to the other side of the boat. The generator was locked down, however, and to destroy it, Sly would first need to find at least two more heavily secured treasure keys. Bentley then directed Sly to one of his holographic markers, which would mark the areas Sly had to explore.

Prowling the Grounds cutscene 1

Sly unlocking the generator.

After exploring the first set of areas and gathering up more keys, Sly unlocked the generator and destroyed it. He then passed through the tube and reached the other half of the boat. Bentley then informed Sly of a plan he hatched to help get him up to the storm machine. The only way Sly could get up there is by shooting himself out of a locked down cannon, something he was eager to do. It required seven keys to be unlocked. Determined to retrieve his family's Thievius Raccoonus, Sly gathered the remaining keys and unlocked the cannon. Once he hopped inside, he was launched up to the storm machine to battle Raleigh.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • During development, there was no dialogue when entering the hub, and there was no need to double jump up the first ledge.
  • This level was originally called "Raleigh's Retreat," and the only notable differences, prior to the final release, were non-playable level's door being shut and an invisible wall blocking access to the second portion of the hub.[1]


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