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Murray: Hey fellas, any of you guy think you can beat "The Mur... "The Moose"? Maybe put a bet on it?
Guard: Oh I'm in, eh! I ain't got a lot of money for this wager... but there's no way I'd lose to a guy like you.
― Murray challenging one of Jean Bison's guards to RC combat[src]

"RC Combat Club" was a job for Murray in "Menace from the North, eh!" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


An RC Combat Club meeting is underway. Murray must pose as a moose and win the competition in order to gain information on the location of the Northern Light Battery.


Murray himself cannot enter the combat club without a disguise, so Bentley sends in Sly to steal a moose head located on an the edge of an upper platform. After a few spire-jumps and flashlight dodging, Sly manages to give Murray the mask. Sly walks out and Murray walks up to a guard and challenges him to the match.

Once he wins the match, the guard claims he is out of money, but Murray does not mind this as he only wants the location of the Northern Light Battery. Since the guard lost fair and square, he gives it to him.


  • When you beat the guard at the duel, the guard will speak, but will be frozen; not moving at all. This is fixed if you lose the match and restart.
  • If Sly or Murray alert the guards the job will fail. As the guards at the beginning will often have loot, pickpocketing them before running into their flashlight beams to restart can be used to obtain a lot of coins very fast.