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How delightful. We have a guest. The only thing is... I HATE UNEXPECTED GUESTS!
― Raleigh's first words to Sly Cooper[src]

Raleigh is the main antagonist of "Tide of Terror" in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. He is a frog who served as the chief machinist of the Fiendish Five.

He was voiced by the late Kevin Blackton.



Raleigh during his previous life

Unlike most of his fellow cohorts, Raleigh's criminality did not stem from a tragic event in his childhood. Bored with a life of wealth and privilege, he developed an interest in piracy, which he first attempted during a ride on his yacht.[1] It was then that Raleigh's criminal mind began to blossom. His skill in building machines led to his recruitment as chief machinist of the Fiendish Five.[2] After the attack on Conner Cooper's home, Raleigh escaped with the notes of Rioichi Cooper.[3] Eventually, he had established himself near the Isle of Wrath and constructed a blimp-like "storm machine" that perpetually generated harsh rain and winds. He utilized the storm machine to sink passing ships, which he could then plunder loot from.[4]

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus[]

Raleigh during his confrontation with Sly

Raleigh was the one who found the Thievius Raccoonus when he and the Fiendish Five raided the Cooper home. Ten years later, he was confronted by Sly Cooper. Shortly before the two engaged in battle, the frog taunted Sly, saying that he and the rest of the Fiendish Five should have "finished the job" when he helped slaughter Conner.

Raleigh defeated and in police custody

Raleigh demonstrated his ability to bloat to gargantuan size, preparing to crush Sly like an insect. However, Raleigh was beaten despite his powerful attacks. The final blow sent Raleigh into the water, and before he lost consciousness, he warned Sly of the dangers that awaited in Mesa City, where his villainous cohort Muggshot resided, and that the young thief would be no match for him.[5] Raleigh was then arrested by Inspector Carmelita Fox[3] and incarcerated at Heathrow Penitentiary.

The Adventures of Sly Cooper[]

Disguised as a guard at the penitentiary, Sly saw Raleigh one final time some years later while trying to collect information on the whereabouts of Kaine Island.[6]


Physical appearance[]

Raleigh is a green frog with brown eyes. He wears no clothes except for white gloves, white shoe spats over his feet and a distinctive blue top hat made of metal.[note 2] He has yellow, crooked teeth, but they were never shown during the game.

As a young man, before his turn to piracy, Raleigh wore only a red bowtie and gray gloves, and he had brown hair. Years later, during Sly's visit to Heathrow Penitentiary, Raleigh was seen to still have hair, and his hat had been confiscated.


Raleigh is cruel and sadistic, as seen by his delight in sinking ships and looting them for treasure. He also showed sincere disrespect for his guards; this is evident by how he was heard shouting at them via the loudspeaker, insulting and putting them down for not doing their jobs right,[7] and threatening them with punishments should they fail to protect one of his treasure keys.[8] At the same time, he does show some respect for his men, as well as some appreciation for the work they have done thus far, even calling them the "crown jewel of his operation."[9]


By swallowing insects, Raleigh is able to bloat to a much greater size, allowing him to use his added bulk to crush his foes. He is capable of extending his tongue and using it to attack.[5] He is also a skilled machinist, with his most notable creation being the storm machine.[4]


Behind the scenes[]

In Japanese, Raleigh was voiced by the late Sukekiyo Kameyama. For The Sly Collection, Kameyama was replaced with Shōto Kashii, who also provided the voice of Arpeggio for the remaster.


  1. References to Raleigh appear in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. Several photos of the frog are displayed in the Museum of Natural History in Cairo, Egypt.
  2. His hat can be seen sitting on a shelf at the beginning of "Goodbye My Sweet," plus it also appears as a treasure in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, which can be obtained from the vault in Medieval England.


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