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Rat troopers were enemy guards faced by Sly Cooper and the gang in every episode of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. They are Cyrille Le Paradox's guards and help him wherever he goes.


These rats wear yellow jumpsuits with black stripes around it. They wear an exterminator-like gas mask that conceals their face. Their weapon of choice is a gas shooter. The shooter can shoot balls of gas and even function as a jetpack. They can also swing them or throw stink bombs.



These guards are battled by Murray when it's his turn to destroy the security. They are seen patrolling the ground and only two appear in the rooftops while 4 appear in the sewers.

Turning JapaneseEdit

They appear in the jobs "Pretty in Pinker," "Spiked Sushi" and "Altitude Sickness." Many of them ambushed the Gang in the bridge zone of El Jefe's fortress. Also, two of them captured Rioichi's canes and escaped with Le Paradoxes blimp, losing a sheriff badge that the gang used to head to Cotton Mouth Bluff.

Go West Young RaccoonEdit

They only appear in Carmelita's cutscene and the mission "Operation: Gold Digger" when Murray was rescuing his van and they also steal Tennessee's gun.

Clan of the Cave RaccoonEdit

They appear in the jobs "Unexpected Ties" and "Ice Ice Bentley." They are seen receiving "Bob's" cane from the Grizz and guarding an area.

Of Mice and MechsEdit

They appear in the jobs "Short Supply," "Shell Shocked Heart" and "Operation: Mousetrap." They are seen along with porcupine guards battling Murray inside the tavern, some of them are seen inside the blacksmith and one appears to take Sir Galleth's cane from the Black Knight.

40 ThievesEdit

They only appear in the job "All Rolled Up!" They appear when Bentley accidentally set off an alarm, making many of them swarm Sly and Murray. They also appear inside the Lazy Trunk Spa And Lounge, a secret area in the hub that can only be accessed by Salim or Sly. This is the only area where these guards appear while you free roam but only two of these guards appear in this area.


They appear in the cutscene and also attack the gang when they are retrieving the canes. Murray had to beat them along with an ancestor. Also, when fighting Le Paradox in the time warp, some can be seen falling to the time hole.



  • In concept art, these guards were referred to as "Mouse Troopers."
  • These guards resemble exterminators.
    • This is quite ironic since they work for Le Paradox and he is a skunk, a natural pest.
  • It's probable that these guards have gas-based weapons because Le Paradox is a skunk, and skunks let out a smelly liquid when endangered. It would make sense for Cyrille to arm them with his own excess secretions to save on ammunition costs.
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