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Bentley: OK, so here's what we know. One, Arpeggio's blimp is on its way to pick up a battery from Jean Bison. And two, the only way we'll get a crack at Arpeggio's Clockwerk Brain is by finding a way to sneak aboard his blimp.
Sly: But, before we do that, we'll need to snag the Clockwerk Talons off Jean Bison. Time is short and we've got a lot to accomplish.
Bentley and Sly discussing the current objective.

"Recon the Sawmill" was a job for Sly Cooper in "Menace from the North, eh!" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Sly must take several recons around the area so Bentley can formulate a plan.


As they have just arrived to Jean Bison's lumber camp, Bentley has Sly take recon photos of the area:

  • Bear - Patrolling the center area, stay away.
  • Jean Bison's House - Near the large water wheel, guarded.
  • Sawmill Blades - The source of the rolling logs which can cause damage, near Bison's house.
  • Boat - Down the track from the sawmill blades in the sea, on the opposite end of the Safehouse.

After Sly has taken the aforementioned pictures, Bentley tells him to go to the lighthouse. The front door is locked from the inside, so Sly must find another way to sneak in by crawling through a small gap at the bottom. Inside, Sly finds Jean Bison and his battery charger and takes a few more photos:

  • Spinner - Spinning quickly around the room, hard to capture.
  • Front Door - Directly across the room from Sly, blocked by a chair.
  • Battery Charger - Above the spinner, charges the Northern Light Battery.
  • Jean Bison - Wandering the room, after shooting all of the previous photos.

After taking the shots, Sly listens to Jean Bison talking to himself. Bison is in a need of participants for his Lumberjack Games and plans to post the Clockwerk Talons as a trophy to attract competition. The Cooper Gang decides to take a part in the games.