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The ruby buyers are members of a mysterious crime ring residing in India.


When the Cooper Gang traveled to Rajan's spice temple to steal the Clockwerk heart, they eventually came up with a plan to draw Rajan out of hiding by flooding his temple. Just in case they needed to completely flood the temple, Bentley got into contact with the local crime ring and made a deal: if the Cooper Gang could steal one of the temple's rubies and bring it to the crime ring's buyers in one piece, the ring would provide the Cooper Gang with a powerful explosive called the Cherry Bomb 500. The first buyer met up with Bentley and Murray, who delivered the ruby in excellent condition, and directed them to the second buyer to complete the deal. Soon afterwards, the second buyer met up with Bentley and Murray, with the ruby still in excellent condition, and promised to provide the gang with the Cherry Bomb 500 at the time Bentley requested.[1]


  • The presence of the buyers near the spice temple was foreshadowed before they confronted the Cooper Gang. After bugging Rajan's office,[2] one of the conversations the Cooper Gang can overhear at the safe house is Rajan's order to drive out any black marketeers around the temple.