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Sly: That explosive had some kick.
Bentley: It was a child compared to this ferocious beast! Don't dilly-dally with this one, it's got a longer fuse but you've got farther to run.
Sly: "Ferocious beast"?
Bentley: Run Sly, run! Fear the beast!
― Discussing the second explosive[src]

"Run 'n Bomb" was a job for Sly Cooper in "An Opera of Fear" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


To advertise his Carnevale opera recital, Don Octavio tied up several balloons around town. Sly and Bentley planned to destroy these balloons. Without the advertising, the Don wouldn't have an audience to see his opera recital, and therefore he would have no reason to sink the Venetian landmarks as a demonstration.


Bentley took over a fireworks stand and started putting together some explosives to free the balloons, while Sly met up with him at the stand. Bentley explained that the explosives had relatively short fuses, so Sly would have to carry the explosives and sprint to the balloons before they exploded. The first balloon was on Octavio's opera house. Once Sly destroyed the mooring, the balloon flew off into the sky. Sly returned to Bentley, who gave him a more powerful explosive with a longer fuse, as he had farther to run. Sly ran the bomb to a balloon near the police headquarters and blew it off its moorings. In the process of it flying off, Bentley explained phase two of the explosion: the wind would carry the balloon into an advertisement hoisted onto a tower. When it crashed, the combustible gases from the balloon would ignite and blow the sign to pieces. Unfortunately, the wind died, and instead of causing "Hindenburg, part two," the balloon's rope got caught on the sign. Sly climbed up the tower to dislodge the rope manually, which led to the sign exploding.

Bentley then told Sly to return to the stand, as he had an even more powerful bomb to use. However, just as Bentley was about to finish the instructions, he was interrupted by someone trying to break in. Sly rushed over to Bentley and found him in the hands of Octavio. Octavio revealed that his moles in the police headquarters picked up Sly's pictures of him polluting Venice's water supply[1] before the real cops saw them. After Sly unsuccessfully threatened him, Octavio decided to take Bentley hostage and eventually kill him. Sly chased Octavio across town until they reached the opera house, at which point Octavio surrendered Bentley and fled into the building. Octavio promised that they would pay for attempting to foil his plans. With Bentley relatively unharmed, Sly and Bentley returned to the safe house.


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