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The Hideout, or Safe House, as it appears in Thieves in Time

The safe house, also known as the hideout, is the base of operations for the Cooper Gang. In Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, the safe house (called the hideout), is an abandoned train car located in Paris. From Sly 2: Band of Thieves on, the safe house changes depending on the current episode's location. There is a table and three seats for Bentley, Sly and Murray. A laptop next to Bentley gives the gang access to ThiefNet, where they can buy power-ups and sell loot or treasures. There are also various items around the safe house, often including some form of speaker to relay audio from the villain of the area, depending on where the Cooper Gang is.


Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus[]

In Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, the safe house, known as the hideout, can be accessed through the pause menu, the map or entering the Cooper Van whenever applicable. The van takes the player to the gang's abandoned train car hideout in Paris.

The Hideout gives you the options of:

  • Bentley - From here you can watch unlocked cutscenes
  • "Tide of Terror"
  • "Sunset Snake Eyes"
  • "Vicious Voodoo"
  • "Fire in the Sky"
  • "The Cold Heart of Hate"
  • Murray - In the North American version of the game, the player can flick ahead to the hideout position of the next episode that has yet to be unlocked. Murray stands there, doing something comical, like eating snacks or listening to music. Pressing x makes him interact with the player, such as offering the player a peanut. After unlocking access to "The Cold Heart of Hate," he will stand next to Bentley, reading a book and eating a hot dog.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves[]

In Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, the safe house is marked with a big, yellow "S" after pinging a waypoint for easy viewing when you are in the field. Safe houses are now mobile and no longer at one same place. The background in the safe house now depends on which country the gang is currently in.

In the safe house, all three playable characters (except in "Jailbreak" of Sly 2) are seen sitting around a table. Selecting one of the characters and then pressing x will allow you to play as them in the field. Going left from Bentley will have him access ThiefNet, a service for purchasing power-ups and, in Sly 2, selling loot and treasures.

In Sly 2, the safe house now has a garage to store the van. In Sly 3, the individual character icons will float above each character's head to show who has a mission to complete. Non-selected characters will entertain themselves (e.g. Sly reading the Thievius Raccoonus and Murray eating pizza).

In both Sly 2 and Sly 3, all three main members of the Cooper Gang have different animations when selected or non-selected while in the safe house.

  • Bentley: Stops typing on his phone and looks at his teammates with nervousness and reluctance in heading out to the field. He is the only one to retain his selected animation in Sly 3.
  • Sly: Places his cane and both hands on the table while quickly eyeing both of his teammates then towards the player, ready for action. In Sly 3, he holds his cane upright and rests his elbow on the table while looking at the player with a prepared expression.
  • Murray: Suddenly raises his head, looking around while having a surprised expression. In Sly 3, he additionally shakes his fists, showing eagerness in heading out to the field.
  • Bentley: Types on his phone.
  • Sly: Rests his chin on his hand while looking around.
  • Murray: Tilts his head downward and twitches his hands while making movements with his mouth. In Sly 3, he puts his hands together and twirls his thumbs.

In Sly 3, characters will now perform unique animations when left idle while unselected in the safe house.

  • Bentley
    • Adjusts helmet.
    • Places hand on chin, thinking.
    • Leans his face closer to his phone, then rubs shoulder.
  • Sly
    • Rests his feet on the table; he would then perform any of the following actions:
      • Inspects the hook of his cane.
      • Lowers his cane below the table, lightly tossing it in they air then catching it.
      • Balances his cane on his palm.
      • Twirls his hat around his finger.
    • Yawns.
    • Places his cane down and reads the Thievius Raccoonus.
  • Murray
    • Places his hands behind his head, before falling asleep.
    • Rubs and pats his stomach.
    • Eats a slice of pizza.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time[]

In Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, the safe house is again called a hideout. The big, yellow "S" is now replaced with a yellow house after pinging a waypoint while in the field. Each hideout is also given a name.

Safe houses now can occupy up to five selectable characters. (Carmelita, Bentley, Sly, Murray and one from respective timeline (Rioichi, Bob, Tennessee, Galleth or Salim).

The van is now stored inside the safe house instead of at the garage and can now be fully accessed. Also, changing episodes now requires access to the van instead of the main menu. There are more features in the safe-house. (Collectables, Treasures, Mini-games, etc.)

As in the previous two games, all selectable characters will perform unique animations whenever selected or non-selected in the safe house.

  • Carmelita: Inspects her shock pistol.
  • Bentley: Types on his laptop, occasionally looking at the player.
  • Sly: Leans back on his chair while resting his feet on the table.
  • Murray: Sleeps.
  • Rioichi: Attempts to catch flies with chopsticks.
  • Tennessee: Squats and slumps on his chair with a grim expression, occasionally eyeing towards the right.
  • Bob: Feels exhausted while breathing heavily.
  • Sir Galleth: Plants his sword on the floor and rests his hands on the hilt while maintaining a stern expression.
  • Salim: Plays around with his magic lamp. Prior to the completion of "Open Sesame," he can be found holding a bowl of food, occasionally looking behind him at the player.
  • Carmelita: Aims her shock pistol.
  • Bentley: Closes his laptop and looks at the player with eagerness while briefly removing his glasses when looking at his teammates.
  • Sly: Leans forward and places his cane on the table while smiling at the player; he will occasionally crack his fingers, prepared for action.
  • Murray: Immediately wakes up and shakes his fists in excitement.
  • Rioichi: Partially unsheathes his sword.
  • Tennessee: Looks at the player with a surprised face while adjusting his hat, then excitedly mimics riding a horse with his chair. If the player moves the cursor away from him, he will suddenly frown at the player and quickly slumps back down on his chair.
  • Bob: Looks at the player then becomes surprised, making growls and sniffs them.
  • Sir Galleth: Stands up and triumphantly holds his sword aloft while placing his right foot on the table. If the player moves the cursor away from him, he will place his hand on his chest and nod his head in disappointment before sitting back down.
  • Salim: Looks at the player while pointing his thumb towards the other members of the gang, beckoning the player to choose them instead of him.

Besides each playable character, the hideout also includes other features, accessible by pressing l1 and r1.

  • The Treasure Wall: After a treasure is brought back to the Hideout, it can be viewed here. It also gives a description of the item.
  • Costume Gallery: After a costume is obtained, it can be viewed here.
  • The Van: The Van allows the player to travel to previous time periods and replay jobs from the current time period. 
  • Arcade Room: Here there is an arcade machine that can only be accessed once all treasures from that period have been found and a ping pong table. There is one arcade machine per episode. Each of the six arcade machines has a more challenging version of each of the three hacking mini-games from the game, an idea that was expanded upon in Bentley's Hackpack. The ping-pong table is also playable, with Sly going up against Bentley. The mini-game can be played against the AI, or with another player.

Safe house descriptions[]

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
  • The hideout throughout the entire game is the same train car located on the outskirts of Paris.
Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time



  • Inside the safe houses from Sly 2 and Sly 3, there are some windows with a view of important structures, but in Thieves in Time there isn't.
  • In Sly 2, Bentley is the only playable character that is always present in the safe house when selecting a character, due to his presence being required to access his laptop when purchasing power-ups on ThiefNet. In Sly 3, he shares this distinction with Sly.
    • Thieves in Time marks the first time that Bentley can be absent from the safe house when selecting a character, as players are not prevented from accessed ThiefNet.
  • In Sly 2, Murray cannot be selected in the Episode 4 safe house. Similarly in Sly 3, Murray cannot be selected to play in the Episode 1 safe house until after the episode has been completed.
  • The last episode in Sly 3 does not have a Hub or a safe house.
  • The pirate-ship safe house in Episode 5 of Sly 3 is the only safe house that can't be returned to after completing the level.
  • In Thieves in Time, Bentley's ThiefNet computer is of the Shell Brand. This logo is a parody of the "Dell" brand of computers.
  • Similar to the first game, in Thieves in Time, a new object will be added around the safe house for every mission completed.
  • In Sly 2, there are some safe houses that can be accessed and roamed, because of a glitch. They are Paris, Rajan's palace and the Lumberjack Camp.
  • In Thieves in Time, the Paris safe house isn't regularly introduced until the epilogue, but it can be accessed during the prologue by going to the pause menu and selecting 'Return to the hideout'.
  • When leaving the safe house as any character, the other members that are not being played as are not seen sitting at the table from the outside view. However, upon re-entering, the others return.