The saloon is a building located in Cotton Mouth Bluff. It has three major rooms inside: the bar, the casino and Toothpick's office. During Toothpick's rule as Sheriff, the saloon served as his main base of operations.


In the job "Saloon Bug," Bentley needed to bug Toothpick's office so he could listen to his plans. In order to do this, Bentley became a bartender for the saloon and knocked out the local guard with highly sugared sarsaparilla. This would allow Sly Cooper to make his way across the saloon without interfering with any of the guards, thereby keeping Toothpick in the dark about the bug that they were going to plant. The sarsaparilla worked on a majority of the guards, though a few remained awake.

After successfully avoiding security in the casino, Sly placed Bentley's RC car in the air vent, and Bentley maneuvered the car to Toothpick's office. After hearing Toothpick's plan, the job ended and the two left the saloon.



Inner Saloon

The bar.

The bar is the first room of the saloon. It has a bar table near the door with bottles in the back and on top. Throughout the room are tables with guards sleeping at them. At the opposite end of the saloon from the door there is a bear statue with a guard in front of it as well as a spotlight surveying the area. Another guard is patrolling the bar table, and the last guard is directly across from the bar table.


Wild West Casino

Sly sneaks into the Saloon's casino.

At the entrance to the casino is a small staircase leading down into the room. In the center of the room is a large carriage spinning on a roulette table (with a Sly Mask on top). To the left of that are several slot machines. On the right side of the room is a roulette table and a fortune telling machine. A guard is standing right in front of the fortune teller, another is patrolling around the slot machines, a third is walking around the roulette table and the final guard is standing in a corner near the roulette table.

On the wall are three giant neon cards (a queen, a jack and a king) with a large neon wheel between them, which Sly can climb on. Hanging from the ceiling after the cards is a wooden fan that Sly can ninja spire jump onto. From here, Sly can jump onto the fortune teller, giving him access to the vent.

Toothpick's officeEdit

Toothpick's Office

Toothpick talking to two of his Bull guards in his office.

Through the vent from the casino is Toothpick's office. It's a small dark room containing a single table and chair with a painting visible on the back wall. Nothing else of the office is seen.


  • On the game's map, the Saloon is called "Bar Dynamite".
  • According to Toothpick, the office is extremely dusty.
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