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The Sashimi Caverns also known as Fishing Caves are located in Feudal Japan. The mission "Something's Fishy" takes place there as well as the mission "Spiked Sushi". You'll need Murray and Bentley for the first one and Rioichi Cooper for the second one. There is a fishing minigame that you need to play. Through the caves you get to see the plant "Spiky Wall Climber", "Mammoth Lightning Bugs" and "Giant Lamp Leaves" which you're supposed to hit so the Lightning Bugs can get out of the way.

Something's FishyEdit

For this mission you'll need Murray and Bentley. The objective is to collect fish for Rioichi's sushi shop. The mission starts off by Murray meeting Bentley at the gate of the caves so that Bentley can hack the lock. After you enter, Murray needs to make his way through the caves until the end. There you'll be playing a fishing minigame. To catch fish you will have to tilt your controller. You have 1 and a half minute to gather 8 fish. Once you complete the minigame Murray, carrying a bucket of fish, you'll need to get back to the entrance.

Spiked SushiEdit

In this job you play as Rioichi Cooper. The objective is to collect samples of this strange plant called "Spiky Wall Climber" so that you can put some guards asleep in the next mission. The mission also takes place in the Fishing Caves. The strange thing is that there are rat guards, you'll need to take down, which are the same as the rat guards in the Paris Prologue Level.


  • The Sashimi Caverns were Rioichi's secret spot for catching the best fish.
  • El Jefe sealed these caves off, so his guard wouldn't get distracted by sushi.
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