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Bentley: Clock-La mentioned something about a hate chip... it sounded like the source of her power.
Sly: If we remove it, she might stop attacking.
Murray: Then let's do a little open head surgery... I'll pry open that beak so that Bentley can go to town with his bombs!
― Bentley, Sly and Murray discuss how to stop the downed Clock-La in Paris

"Showdown with Clock-La" was a job in "Anatomy for Disaster" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It is a continuation of "Carmelita's Gunner." It is also the final boss and the final job in Sly 2.



Carmelita reached Arpeggio's blimp and it was Sly's job to man the helicopter's gun and take Clock-La down. After sustaining a large amount of damage, Clock-La crashed into the blimp, causing it to explode.


Clock-La, still flying, grabbed the Northern Light battery (which had Bentley and Murray inside) and flew away. The blimp then scatters into millions of pieces. Sly proceeds to glide over to Clock-La, landing on falling pieces of the blimp along the way. Once he reached her, Clock-La dropped the battery. Sly proceeded to attack the bird's head, in a similar fashion to the end of Clockwerk. With one final blow, Clock-La fell down to a Parisian lake below.

The gang reunited, celebrating the apparent defeat of Clock-La, are interrupted as she immediately powers up again. Bentley noted that Clock-La had mentioned a Hate Chip, and that this could possibly be the source of her power. Murray offered to open the bird's beak, so that Bentley could "go to town with his bombs." After doing so, a holographic projection of Neyla states that the gang will never be rid of her, and that she will hunt them down and end them in their sleep. Bentley used a bomb in her mouth, which deactivates Neyla, who cries that she still has her Hate Chip. Bentley immediately pulls it out, before warning Sly and Murray that she is about to explode. With her source of power gone, the head of Clock-La falls on Bentley, breaking his legs. Murray quickly comes to his aid before Clock-La explodes.


The gang stood there at the end of the road, realizing the Klaww Gang was defeated and they looked at the Clockwerk part scattered around the water in heaps. Despite the explosion, they remained in pristine condition. Carmelita arrived and was disappointed that she did not get the chance to whack Clock-la herself. She took it out on what was close at hand, which was the Hate Chip. She dropped it onto the ground and stepped on it. After this, all of the parts aged in moments. Now the menace of Clockwerk would never rise again to threaten Sly or his future children.

Carmelita points her gun at the gang and informed them they were all under arrest. Realizing that his gang was in no shape for a quick getaway, Sly went quietly with Carmelita in exchange for allowing Bentley and Murray to walk. Carmelita's old police unit arrived. Now that she had Sly, she was off the hook and was even offered a well-deserved promotion.

On the flight over to police headquarters, Sly and Carmelita broke the ice by sharing stories. This did not last long though, as Carmelita realized that the short flight across town had already taken over two hours. As she checked the, now empty, cockpit (thanks to Bentley and Murray), Sly glided out of the helicopter with Carmelita's special bottle of champagne. Hours later, after Carmelita returned to her office, she noticed that the bottle, along with a calling card, was sitting on her desk. She then continued to search for Sly Cooper.


  • This marks the first time Sly stands up to Neyla.
  • There is a glitch when trying to reach Clock-la while the blimp is falling. By climbing up a pipe, there is a chance you will get tossed high in the air and be able to glide all the way over to Clock-la from there.