Siamese cats are a type of rooftop guard in 40 Thieves of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


The Siamese cats have grayish-brown and dark brown/black fur and wear a cyan bedlah, complete with an ornated top, indicating that they are female. Around their waist they have a green and red "belt," along with various golden jewelry on their ankles, wrists and top. On their head, they wear a red ornated tiara. They wield two large scimitars that break off their blades to attack the Cooper Gang at long range. If the gang tries to escape them, they can be seen running for a short time on all fours to reach their enemies, and when the player tries to attack these guards, they occasionally dodge their attacks. Also, if the player is far away, they throw rocks at them.



  • Along with mandrills, they are one of the guards not corresponding to the place they appear in.
    • Their being Siamese is probably due to the fact it is a very famous breed and is mostly associated with Orient and Eastern countries in popular media.
  • Three Siamese cat dancers can be seen in Salim al-Kupar's first mission, "Rug Rats." They have different bedlah than the other guards in the level.
  • The Siamese cats have been previously mistaken for Caracals (Desert Lynxes) and Sand Cats by fans.
    • Their coloration could also have been inspired by the Balinese breed of cat, a variation of the Siamese cat characterized by the long fur and the colors similar to these guards, adding further to fan confusion.[1]
    • The Persian (a breed characteristic of the place where the level these guards appear) in their colorpoint coloration resemble the one of these guards. 
    • It has been recently revealed by one of the game artists that these cats are based on Siameses, but can't be technically called so because there is no Siam in the Sly Cooper world, which is funny considering there are other "real life" places such as Holland, Italy and so on.  
  • The Siamese cats are one of two female rooftop guards, the other kind being the dodos.


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