Bentley: The magnatronic support field for the Death Ray got destroyed as you were making a run for your cane. You'd better hurry, this whole thing is about to fall apart!
Sly: I'm on it!
― As the Death Ray sinks into the lava[src]

"Sinking Peril" was a job in "The Cold Heart of Hate" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


After recovering his cane, Sly makes his way to Clockwerk's Death Ray, where Carmelita Fox had stashed her jetpack before Clockwerk captured her. Unfortunately, the magnatronic support fields for the Death Ray have been destroyed due to Carmelita's shooting, and the whole machine is about to fall apart. Sly must to reach the jetpack before the lava destroyed him.


  • In some versions of the game, if the player uses the mine move at the bottom of the Death Ray just before heading up, it will delay the sinking, giving the player more time to climb it.
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