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A commercial for Sly 2: Band of Thieves first aired in mid-2004 to promote the game.

After the release of Sly 2, it was made available as a bonus video for the game. The video is unlocked by completing "A Tangled Web" and accessed by hovering over the episode in the episode select screen. After a few seconds of waiting, a police badge will appear, prompting the player to press square. The commercial is not available in any of the PAL releases of Sly 2 and can only be accessed on the North American, Japanese, and Korean PlayStation 2 releases of the game.


The Cooper Gang discusses the plotline for Sly 2 before they announce that they are ready to do the job. Bentley says that the job will be blown without somebody at the controls (referring to the player using the controller), and Sly subsequently asks the viewers if they are ready to complete the job.

All through the commercial, moments from the game appear. When Sly, Bentley, and Murray do not appear in moments from the game, they instead make their appearances in custom-created areas and also have different models.