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This is a list of all known cheats, exploits and glitches for Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


An Opera of Fear[]

No platforming required

This exploit is not for a first time playthrough. In "Police HQ," when Carmelita is outside shooting at Sly, use Feral Pounce and your paraglider to make it onto land. You can skip the platforming section of the mission and run straight to where you meet Murray at the sewers. Carmelita will also catch up to you, however she will act as if you are platforming. And as long as you are in range of her pistol, she will shoot at you.

Easy Money

During the final phase of "Guard Duty," once the third coffee shop's alarm activates, travel to a secluded area on the map. Some effective places are the docks next to the Interpol HQ building, as well as Octavio's stage. Until Bentley and Sly retreat back to the Safe house, endless waves of rooftop guards will attack the two, so this is a fun, engaging way to farm for coins. If you want, you can even find a safe place to hide and just have Sly kill the enemies for you, as he is invincible during this section and cannot be killed, although you may have to manually collect any dropped coins yourself.

Rumble Down Under[]

Easy money

In the job "Hungry Croc," guards will endlessly come to you. Simply kill as many as you want and collect the coins before finishing the mission. There is a Master Thief Challenge where this is the object of the challenge.

Flight of Fancy[]

Easy money

Using Sly, get to the Baron's castle, and smash the boxes on top. Then, catapult off the roof's catapult. Wait for about two seconds, then paraglide back to the castle's roof. The boxes you just smashed will be there, and you can smash them again. Repeat as necessary.

A Cold Alliance[]

General Tsao quick finish exploit

While fighting General Tsao during the second half of "Laptop Retrieval," when Tsao hits the ground after being attacked, it is possible to use Stealth Slam or Silent Obliteration to take him out. This is easiest if Tsao is pinned against a wall and the knockout dive is used. The juggling of Tsao will not hurt him much, but the killing move will instantly kill him.

Easy Money

During the first official part of "Vampiric Demise," when Bentley is teaching the Panda King how to use his firework rockets, instead of following Bentley's instructions to kill the practice vampires, simply kill one of them over and over. Each time one of the vampires dies, it will drop coins and instantly respawn, so this is an easy way to farm infinite coins. These vampires are not hostile, so you don’t need to worry about getting attacked. Just be aware of how close you are to them when they die, as they explode upon death and deal major splash damage.

Dead Men Tell No Tales[]

Easy money

After the job "X Marks the Spot," you can go around battling pirate ships. One pirate ship gets you about 300 coins.


Toonami plane 1.png

Cheat codes will work on the PS Vita if the code uses l2 or r2.

Cheat codes will not affect trophies.

Alternate Biplane
Toonami plane 2.png

In Flight of Fancy, while Sly is flying the Biplane, press start to pause the game, and then press r1, r1, d pad right, d pad down, d pad down, d pad right. After resuming the game, Sly's biplane is now the Toonami plane, which can fire an infinite amount of missiles. The code still works in The Sly Collection.

USB Headset

Press start to pause the game, and then press d pad right, d pad up, r1, d pad right, d pad up, d pad down. When resuming the game the USB Headset function will be switched to "On". On the PS2 during missions, it can be used to divert enemies: Simply make noise into the microphone to distract any nearby guards. This is likely a defunct code from the early development of the game, as the feature can be toggled manually from the games options, and the code does not allow you to toggle the feature into the "Off" function, only the "On" function.

Restart Episodes

Pause the game during the episode and enter the following code to restart that episode. You must complete that part of the episode to be able to use the code.

Episode #/Job Code
Episode 1, Day 1 d pad left, r2, d pad right, l1, r2, l1
Episode 1, Day 2 d pad down, l2, d pad up, d pad left, r2, l2
Episode 2, Day 1 d pad right, l2, d pad left, d pad up, d pad right, d pad down
Episode 2, Day 2 d pad down, d pad up, r1, d pad up, r2, l2
Episode 3, Day 1 r2, r1, l1, d pad left, l1, d pad down
Episode 3, Day 2 l2, r1, r2, l2, l1, d pad up
Episode 4, Day 1 d pad left, d pad right, d pad left, r2, d pad right, r2
Episode 4, Day 2 l1, d pad left, l2, d pad left, d pad up, l1
Episode 5, Day 1 d pad left, r2, d pad right, d pad up, l1, r2
Episode 5, Day 2 r2, r1, l1, r1, r2, r1
Operation: Tar Be-Gone d pad down, l2, r1, l2, r1, d pad right
Operation: Moon Crash l2, d pad up, d pad left, l1, l2, l1
Operation: Turbo Dominant Eagle d pad down, d pad right, d pad left, l2, r1, d pad right
Laptop Retrieval l2, d pad left, r1, l2, l1, d pad down
Operation: Wedding Crasher l2, r2, d pad right, d pad down, l1, r2
Operation: Reverse Double Cross d pad right, d pad left, d pad up, d pad left, r2, d pad left
Carmelita To The Rescue d pad left, l2, l1, l2, r2, d pad right
A Deadly Bite l2, d pad down, r1, d pad up, d pad left, d pad down
The Dark Current l1, d pad right, r2, d pad up, d pad right, d pad left
Bump-Charge-Jump r1, l2, d pad down, r2, d pad right, d pad up
Danger in the Skies d pad right, d pad down, l2, d pad right, r2, d pad down
The Ancestor's Gauntlet d pad right, r2, d pad up, d pad right, d pad up, d pad down
Stand Your Ground d pad left, d pad up, d pad left, d pad up, l1, l2
Final Legacy l1, r2, l1, d pad down, l1, d pad down

Episode Warps

Pause the game and enter any of the following codes to warp to the beginning of each respective episode.

Episode Warps Code
Episode select screen r1, d pad down, d pad right, d pad up, d pad up, d pad down
Episode 1 r1, d pad right, d pad down, d pad right, r1, d pad right
Episode 2 d pad up, d pad down, d pad left, r1, d pad right, d pad left
Episode 3 r1, d pad right, r1, d pad right, d pad right, r1
Episode 4 d pad up, d pad down, d pad down, d pad down, r1, d pad left
Episode 5 r1, r1, d pad up, d pad right, r1, d pad right
Episode 6 d pad left, d pad down, r1, d pad left, r1, d pad up

Note: If you use the episode select screen code before the episode select screen has been accessed on your file then it will warp you to "Beginning of the End" even if you have warped to other episodes.

Temporarily Unlock All Episodes, Jobs, Galleries and Bonus Videos

Press start to pause the game, and then press r1, d pad up, d pad up, r1, r1, d pad down. If you now exit to episode menu (or if you input the code in the episode menu, enter an episode and exit) all of the episodes will be unlocked including all of the jobs, Master Thief Challenges and episode galleries. As well as this, all of the bonus videos will be unlocked. In PAL regions the thumbnail for "The Evolution of Sly" will be available, but no video will load upon pressing. If 100% has been obtained in Honor Among Thieves when the code is input, a "Continue Episode" option will now appear that will restart the episode's story if pressed.

Note: Once activated, the code will be active for ALL SAVES on the memory card, however, upon restarting the console the code is no longer active, and any tampering done using the code will only effect the save the tampering was done on. For example, if you started a new game, activated the code, then as a result started the episode A Cold Alliance. Next you restart your console. Now in the episode menu there would only be the episodes up to A Cold Alliance available (Dead Men Tell No Tales, Honor Among Thieves would now be absent from the menu), and all galleries, bonus videos and jobs would now be hidden away again unless the code was input once again.


Multiple episodes[]

Murray's grab move

This may take several tries, but there is a glitch with Murray, where you can toss a guard off a ledge, then quickly use his stomp move to grab them after they do their falling animation.

Kill Carmelita

While playing as Bentley, use the Reduction Bomb or Size Destabilizer on Carmelita. She will shrink, but otherwise she will behave normally. When you attack her she will fall on the ground as if she was dead. However, when you exit the chapter or die she will respawn. When you are in Venice when Carmelita is knocked out, bomb her until she gets to the water trap. Then use the switch and she will drown.

Hacking job glitch

Place bombs on the computer and then press circle. The cutscene showing Bentley hacking will play, and when the bombs explode, he will slide away from the computer, and Bentley will hack the air. This does not injure Bentley. Happens in both Sly 2 and 3.

No disguise required

There are three missions in the game which require you to wear your disguise, however, it is possible to be normal Sly instead.

  • In "Operation: Tar-Be Gone!," once you are inside the opera house, press select and assign a button to a different disguise. You will fail, once you restart the mission, press the button of the different disguise and you can become normal Sly without failing! Guards can now fight Sly. When you get to the double button security door, instead of asking you for a password, Octavio will try and fight you. It is impossible to defeat him and the only way you can lose him is to use the smoke bomb and then use shadow power. If you take off your disguise after you've given Octavio the password, you can hit him, but he won't react, it will still capture the attention of nearby guards. Once you successfully open the door, Octavio won't realize that you're not a guard!
  • In "Get a Job," once you visit General Tsao's hall, press select to change a button to a different disguise. You will fail, once you restart, press the button of your different disguise and you'll now be normal Sly! General Tsao will not notice that Sly is not in his disguise. Once you get to the cutscene where you talk to him, Sly will move like he's not supposed to have the cane in his hand. This glitch is helpful because there's a lot of stuff in General Tsao's hall that you can break for coins.
  • In "The Talk of Pirates," after obtaining the full Cantankerous Tim disguise, approach Black Spot Pete in it but quickly switch back. You will know the glitch is active when Sly takes off his disguise during the cutscene (in his "tornado" animation). Black Spot Pete will believe you're Cantankerous Tim and challenge you to an insult contest. A funny add-on to it is when Sly says "Swabber" his cane will go through his body when straightening his imaginary tie.

Please note that pressing select after you've taken off your disguise will result in a fail (apart from Episode 5 as you cannot switch your disguise during insults).

Grapple-Cam safe house glitch

When using the Grapple-Cam gadget, you are able to enter the safe-house without Sly or Murray inside. This can only be done in Episodes 1-5, due to episode 6 not having free roam.

Carmelita pickpocket glitch

In Episode 1, 3, or 4, go to Carmelita as Bentley, go behind her, pickpocket her if necessary, and throw a bomb into her pouch. Then switch over to Sly. As Sly, go behind Carmelita to pickpocket the bomb. The bomb won't go off, but Carmelita will detect your presence.

Bomb glitch

To perform this glitch you must select Bentley. First you sleep dart an enemy then you get close enough to toss a regular bomb (NOT a Trigger Bomb) into the goon's pocket. If the enemy falls onto his back, the bomb will still go into the goon's pocket, but not kill him. This works anywhere.

An Opera of Fear[]

Coffee house Break-in

If you go back to Venice, you may notice the coffee house near the police station is inaccessible. This is not true. Go to the police headquarters. There will be an interaction sign. Pressing circle to interact with it. It will not open the doors to INTERPOL, but rather to the coffeehouse across from INTERPOL. The camera will pan over to the coffee shop and open the door for a moment before closing it again. When the game loads, you will be in the coffeehouse. However, the art decryption lock will not be accessible, but spotlights and floor lasers, along with tables, plants, and the cashier's table will be present.

Border glitch

When you are in Venice, jump up to the building that is right across from the Safe House's entrance (the one that borders the water). If you are on the correct building, you will see some more buildings on the other side of the water. If you try to paraglide to the other side, Sly will act as if it is a barrier, your paraglider will break, and Sly will act like he is dying from a high spot. Instead of losing one-fourth of your health, you will instead die completely, and respawn at your last interaction point.

Walking on air glitch

After completing Venice, if you return to the episode you can go to where Octavio's stage used to be. There was a rope attached to the stage before it was destroyed and you were able to run on this rope with Sly. The rope disappears when the stage is destroyed, however, Sly can still run where the rope was as if the rope was still there. The blue stars will still appear there also, but the rope is gone.

Grapple-Cam spotlight glitch

This is a very fun glitch the first time you try it. Using the Coffeehouse Break-In glitch as Bentley, launch a Grapple-Cam, and then access it. Grapple to the spotlight (where it projects the spot light). The spotlight will immediately go haywire and try to shoot the Grapple-Cam, but will not work; instead, it will shoot randomly around the place, smashing paintings, tables, and plants. Beware, however, that this haywire spotlight can hit you, and if you stand still, the spotlight will eventually kill you.

There is another glitch involved with the coffeehouses. When you use Grapple-Cam and go to the ceiling in the second coffeehouse, your Grapple-Cam will eventually go through the ceiling and you'll be able to see the outsides of all 3 coffeehouses. It is also possible to visit each coffeehouse with the Grapple-Cam. Self-Destruct the Grapple-Cam to fix the glitch. The glitch is repeatable, and very fun!

Carmelita spots you from a long distance

During the job "Police HQ," when you're near Dimitri's cell, set off a smoke bomb. Despite the fact that Carmelita is all the way over in the other room, she will still detect Sly, resulting in a job fail!

Sly cracks a safe in style and no slideshow

In "Police HQ," after you get the key from Carmelita's office, listen to Bentley's explanation, then press triangle. Now change into any disguise, then press circle to retry cracking the safe, Sly will still be wearing his disguise! It is advised not to use Sly's Venice disguise as it will be tough to see which direction to turn due to the beak. While you're at it, go back on the floor and go near where Carmelita is standing, she will be talking, but the slideshow isn't on. If you get caught, the glitch is fixed. This is only after you retrieve the key and get past the flickering lights.

Octavio interrupts a guard's question

During "Octavio Snap," when Octavio is running to his next tar valve, get in front of him and find a guard in his path. Put on your disguise and have the guard ask you for a password, if Octavio passes by, you'll see the cutscene bars appear and you can't press any buttons. The camera will eventually turn to Octavio and he'll tell you about how thieves knew how not to get caught back in the day, causing a mission failure.

Rumble Down Under[]

Big Truck free roam

While on the mission "Big Truck" there is a glitch that allows the player to free-roam Ayers Rock as Sly due to incomplete programming. To perform this glitch you must first catch the first set of Giant Scorpions after Sly activates the drill. Then, when you have to climb to the top of the drill as Sly, climb it as normal. Instead of activating the drill as usual, use the Feral Pounce move, hit the X button on mid-pounce, and then paraglide as far as you can. If done correctly, you should be able to free-roam the area. You can kill Scorpions in one hit, but they can hit you back for moderate damage. Also going too close to the lake will cause you to temporarily go into the Falling animation. The only way to get back to the drill is to die.

Hungry Croc softlock

In the job "Hungry Croc," if the player picks up an enemy right before the cutscene where Bentley tells Murray about the flashlight guard, when the cutscene concludes Murray will briefly be holding an invisible enemy. This is corrected shortly after. The rest of the mission will progress as normal, until Murray has to throw the guard to the crocodile. The crocodile will fail to spawn, and the thrown enemy will turn invisible after approximately one second after being thrown. This is a softlock, which prompts the user to restart the console.

Flight of Fancy[]

Falling through ground glitch

If you play as Murray and use the Ball technique, you can launch yourself out of the catapult and on to a blimp. Build up height while on the blimp using the jump with the Ball technique. Once you are high enough and you are close to the water near your Safe House is, stay in the ball and jump all the way down to the water. You will fall all the way through the floor of the game and you will die automatically.

Black Baron castle glitch

The first time that Bentley gets up onto the top of the Baron's castle, go to the trapdoor and run into the wall. There is a chance that you will fall into the room where the Baron is talking with his rabbit goon. You will not be seen, and you can kill the goon, but not the Baron. The only way out is to blow yourself up with Bentley's bombs.

Streetlight glitch

Select Murray or Bentley. When you get out of the Safe House, turn right and you will see a streetlight. Run into it from behind. You will get stuck between the building and the pole. Turn around and you will be launched into the air. If you get launched high enough, you'll be able to see the hacking mini game high in the air.

Floating bench glitch

After you beat the entire game, go back to free-roam in Holland. This glitch only works with Murray. Exit the Safe House and jump off the balcony. Directly in front of you there should be a bench. Pick it up and head to the closest cheese jump. Jump onto the cheese while slamming the bench towards the ground. Re-enter the Safe House. From there, exit the Safe House as Murray once again. There is a chance that the bench you picked up will be floating around between the balcony and the nearby building. You can jump on the bench and it will move around like in space. You can destroy it and it will disappear. If you go back into the Safe House and come out as Sly, the bench will have vanished completely and not be on the ground or in the air. The only way to get the bench to reappear is to die, re-enter the Safe House and come out as Bentley, or exit the level.

A Cold Alliance[]

Panda King voice glitch

You must go to Jobs and Challenges and then select the first job. After the battle starts, throw two smoke bombs and then use the photographer disguise. After the smoke fades away, Panda King will act like a goon. If you repeat it correctly, he will not attack until you take off the disguise.

Sly waits for the pull in style

In "Grapple-Cam Break-In," when Sly has to get in position for "the pull," put on a disguise before you reach where you have to stand. When you get to the Sly icon, a cutscene will start and Sly will still be in his disguise. When you take control of Bentley, go over to where Sly is waiting, he'll still have it on! After Bentley gets the first key, control switches to Sly in his disguise. You must take it off before you can pickpocket the second key.

Invisible talking Sly

While in the job "Vampiric Demise," if you jump just right in front of Sly while he finishes opening the last cache, he will not be invisible, but he will jump off the roof and the conversation occurs as if Sly is still on the roof.

Secret Room

In "Big Air in China," if the second waypoint is hit by Murray at a certain angle, he will go inside the trapdoor, into a room no bigger than Murray. He cannot escape this room, so must either reset the challenge or wait until time runs out.

Dead Men Tell No Tales[]

Pirate launch

In order to do this glitch you need Bentley. Go to the place you meet Blackspot Pete. Go up to the flagpole, there will be a ramp. With Bentley attempt to run under the ramp facing the bridge. After a second or two you will slip underneath the ramp and will be launched a little ways.

Lizard voice glitch

In the mission "X Marks the Spot," head to the area on the island with the near-sighted lizards. Next, wear your pirate disguise and approach one of the lizards. You will most likely have to physically touch them, as the lizards have very poor eyesight. Once alerted, the lizards will act like a regular guard, even speaking to you like one of the guards. They will not attack you until your disguise is removed.

Bring a captain onto your ship

After destroying a hostile ship and before capturing it, you can move the hostile ship with your own. Doing that eventually resolves in the captain dropping on your ship. After that, flee. The captain will remain on the ship.

Glitchy Ned

Go to "The Talk of Pirates" and get to the point where Sly needs to take Cantankerous Tim's hat from Twitchy Ned. Very rarely, Twitchy Ned will be asleep on the deck of ship rather than in the crow's nest. This is because Twitchy Ned sleeps in the crow's nest, and the sleeping animation doesn't entirely fit (Twitchy Ned can be seen visibly clipping through it with the binocucom) and he could slide out of the crow's nest. If attacked, he will fight back (despite not having swords). If you hit him, he will react the same way Twitchy Ned would and wouldn't actually take damage. If the player goes up the sails into the crow's nest, a new Twitchy Ned would be in it, and he would jump down like normal, but the original "Glitchy Ned" would still be on the ground, sleeping or continuing to attack the player. This is the only video of the glitch.

Honor Among Thieves[]

Exploring Kaine Island

In the job "Carmelita to the Rescue," play through the job all the way to the third phase. When the Mutant Primate jumps on to the rock, jump on to Mutant Primate itself. Now you need to keep jumping to stay on the Mutant Primate until you get launched high enough to go over the invisible barrier behind the Mutant Primate. Once over the barrier, mega jump over to the piece of land where the job "Beginning of the End" ended. Now you can explore the island even more than Sly because of the ability to mega jump. You can visit the Cooper Vault entrance, the Cooper gang's pirate ship, and even the tower that leads to Dr. M's lab. While exploring, you'll notice that both entrances to Dr. M's lab are closed off and collapsed and some alligator mutant guards will spawn and sometimes die immediately after spawning. Take advantage of the alligator mutant guards as they are your only way to get health back. There are some areas that you can visit with mega jumping that you won't be able leave, like the race track or the Cooper gang's pirate ship as you won't have enough height to leap over. Dying will restart the job, taking you back to the police boat.

Exploring the Island as Sly

If you jump and then continue pressing x and square alternately when facing a rock you can move Sly further upwards. Using this exploit along with the feral pounce gadget you can explore large parts of the island with Sly, even up the top of the island.

Carmelita in the Inner Sanctum

When fighting Dr. M as Sly, if you hit him while Dr. M is trying to rush at you (Dr. M has to be using his fire type attacks) he will fall onto his back and Sly is will go through the attacked animation. In the cutscene, where Sly and Dr. M talk, Sly will be facing sideways and Dr. M robotic snake head will be inside of him. When playing as Carmelita, Dr. M's life gauge will be gone but you can still defeat him. Once defeated instead of being another cutscene, you will be able to move around the platform, but you can't jump high enough to reach the platform Sly is at. If you fall off the platform you will be stuck at the bottom with no way out. The only way to stop this glitch is to exit the level.